Second Economic Stimulus Check: Obama’s Economic Plan

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The Make Work Pay tax credit will put $400 ($800 for couples) into your pocket and was passed in the recovery and reinvestment plan.

1/15: The Committee on Appropriations just released the an executive summery of the details of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.

Update 10/21: Bernanke recently endorsed a stimulus package and new life has been given to the prospects of a second stimulus package.

Update: Looks like there’s been more movement on another stimulus check. I wouldn’t hold my breath but it’s a step past campaign fodder.

The ink hasn’t even dried on the first economic stimulus checks mailed out last month and this month and there’s already talk of another stimulus package that would include a second stimulus check, tax breaks for the middle class and seniors, as well as debt relief for students. It’s the first economic salvo fired by Democratic Presidential presumptive nominee Barack Obama this week in a speech at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds [full text of that speech]. In his speech, he briefly discussed long term goals but focused on the short term ones, including a second economic stimulus check.

Second Stimulus Check: $50 Billion

The idea of a second economic stimulus check (who can say no to another stimulus check?)is obviously what most people latched onto (though there were no details in the speech itself) and it was the first thing he mentioned in the short term plan.

That’s why I’ve called for another round of fiscal stimulus, an immediate $50 billion to help those who’ve been hit hardest by this economic downturn – Americans who have lost their jobs, their homes, and are facing rising costs and cutbacks in state and local services like education and health care. We need to expand unemployment benefits and extend them for those who can’t find another job right away – especially since the long-term unemployment rate is nearly twice as high as it was during the last recession. And we must help the millions of homeowners who are facing foreclosure through no fault of their own. [Page 3 of speech]

The other things mentioned in that piece is a 13-week (or more) extension to unemployment benefits, a $10 billion Foreclosure Prevention Fund (which would include a credit of 10% of their mortgage interest payment every year), as well as changes to the mortgage industry to include a Home Score system that helps consumers compare mortgage offers and assess payback ability.

Middle Class & Senior Tax Relief

Page 5 goes into, after railing on McCain, how he’ll slash of corporate tax breaks, close tax loopholes, and begin windfall taxing oil companies to help pay for middle class tax cuts. $1,000 of relief for approximately 95% of workers and families, paid for by the windfall profits of Exxon Mobil. His plan also called for the elimination of income taxes for retirees that earn less than $50,000 a year and raising the Social Security tax cap, without changing the retirement age or privatizing Social Security.

There are several more subjects in the speech, such as a Credit Card Bill of Rights and revamping bankruptcy laws, but we’ll have to wait until next week for details on some of the more long term economic plans. Stay tuned…

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370 Responses to “Second Economic Stimulus Check: Obama’s Economic Plan”

  1. bobbiejo says:

    well to put a stop to all this bashing of all past and present presidents… everyone has different ideas, opinions and motives in any job they do first of all. seems to me that this country has become very spoiled and lazy. we are a very now generation who always needs instant gratification!! rome wasnt built in a day as repairing our economy will not happen over nite.people need to get back to reality.. family first , needs second, and wants last. all of this is coming from ur average working citizen. im a nurse. yes i make a good living but not rich by any means. i am happy and healthy most importantly. one of the biggest problems in this country is people looking for hand outs. yes i totally agree this country needs a change and i voted for obama. so criticize me like alot of people have done to each other on this website. just shows how small minded and ignorant people have become. our own country cant pull it together and help each other out so we spend time bashing each other. its starts in our communities and towns people!!!! u know helping each other and ourselves . nothing is gonna change if people dont get off theirs ass!!also i am so sick of hearing about the rich the poor… waaawaa. babies. cause this chick here typing this to for all to read and commentgrew up very poor and my parents had something turn out for them which left us living pretty wealthy thru my teen years and i never got hand outs from them cause there were ishaps along the way and they ended up dirt poor again. i took student loans struggled when i first got married and had babies. i worked my butt off to get were i the moral of this story and my opinion is im so sick of hearing about poor this rich that.. if people would get off their ass and stop lookin for handouts this country wouldnt be were it is. i now . ive lived both lives poor and rich. me and my family had struggles thru both lifestyles. so stop whining and start taking care of urself instead of waiting for one person to solve all ur problems like obama he is one man. it starts with urself !!!!!

    • WILLIAM BENETT says:


      • bobbiejo says:

        william no one is blaming americans for jobs being sent over seas . thats the governments fault. but i am blaming americans for being spoiled and living well above their means. thats an individuals fault. i was raised old fashioned and never live above my means… also for instance my bestfriend and her hubby making a lil over forty thoudand a year have creditors giving them credit cards with no limit and mortgages they cant afford . do the math its not affordable so why do people put themselves in that situation and expect the govrnment to bail them out. there are plenty of restaurant jobs out there. have u applied or are u 2 good to take that kinda job. i also hear people like u complaining but wont take a job if they dont like the payscale. well sometimes people gotta do what they gotta do.. i never said digging this country outta the whole its in would be easy. people need to swallow some pride and do whats needed. also if ur having it that bad there are organizations ou there to help people with food heating housing etc. you just have 2 apply for it. sorry for ur difficult time. sounds like u gotta make some sacrifices u might not like. everyone has to at some point in their lives, this is coming from someone who has forclosed on a home been bankrupt lost everything even cars jobs etc. so stop placing blame totally on the government. place blame where it belongs at least some of it. and no no one has control on loosing a job sometimes.this will not be an easy time for us citizens.. this will be one of the toughest times we have seen in a long time.

        • FED-X MOMMY says:

          Well I do understand where you are coming from and to some point I do agree with you, but not on everything. I also have to give some credit to WILLIAM BENETT because he also raises a very good point. We do not have controll over our current job situations and we have lost many a jobs because of companies leaving over seas and companies just falling appart and laying off thier employees. I live in a small town in California and there is nothing! Times are very hard and not everyone is on their lazy butts just waiting for a hand out like you say. I have been looking for a job for over a year now, and well I haven’t had any replies. Yes, I have even applied for all the fast food restaurants, clothing stores, security, maid, almost everything. If there was an add for it, I applied! I know many people that are in the same situation as mine. There is even the few that have jobs, but thier hours are so limmited that the paper their checks are printed on probably cost more to make than what they earn. Now we do have a problem that frankly the government has to fix, that is why I voted for Obama, and yes, the government has a lot to blame for. They have been spending rediculus amounts of money in the past for things that did not even benifit the common folk like me, so know it is our turn. I pay my taxes, I am a good law abiding citizen, so I feel that my government should be able to take care of me and other like myself in times of need. And yes, there is are programs out there to help us during these times, but even they are running our of funds and the few that they do have is not enough sometimes. Lastly I do agree with your last comment, “This will be one of the toughest times we have seen in a long time.” We must pull together as Americans and learn from our mistakes.

          • Natasha says:

            I do agree w/ you about our gov. It’s an absolute shame the way they run things. the Banks as well for that matter. Time are the touhest I’ve ever seen them and thank god for Obama. I have put alot of trust in him, and I think he is the man to get things done. I did just apply for a server position, and hopefully I got it. I wish I could get a more respectable job, meaning many people think servers are’nt edgecated, well that’s another rant. I do say to you my fellow Amercan.. chine up things always get wore befor they get better. I know these are though times keep trying. The gov. is ther to help. They damn well better be for the mess they have put us in. They need to start redeaming them selves our we will take over!

          • Sher says:

            You go girl!

    • E says:

      I agree 100%. If people would stop being so lazy & get off welfare & stop breeding babies like jack-rabbits, perhaps they’d have money. Quit waiting for hand-outs from hard-working citizens paychecks (aka welfare).

      • ji says:

        SHUT UP NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • onitta says:

          first of all i was on welfare,i was on my job for 9 yrs. left that one to make more money. got fired from that one because i had to take carwe of my mother. its very hard out here to find a job. i’m a single parent my mother is helping me take care of my kids.yes im still on welfare but im voulenteer work so i can find a job so every one does not abruse welfare like me. the check that i get goes to my mother for the bills

    • Chris says:

      4 months later….. How you feeling about your choice now?

  2. tameka says:

    I agree Bobbiejo. I am tired of all the negative comments myself about Obama. I have lived the same way too so I can relate to what you are saying. You have alot of comments made as if they can predict the future or something. Especially the ones that are scamming the system and living better than me and I work everyday and make a descent penny, and people that work hard and make a descent penny cant get shit. We cant get nothing in this world for all the damn taxes we pay each year. Obama will turn things around in due time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is tough, for all especially for the disabled and the SSI people. SSI Dibs did’nt get a stimulus check last year this is not fair they are in worse shape then the ones on SS at least SS has medicare. I hope they consider the SSI’s It’s tough on them.

    • Getting it done says:

      All disabled peoples did receive a disabilty stimulus check in cash form, whereas every other taxpayer saw it in our increased checks from work. They did get something and it is nice for them. However, they were urged to spend it immediatly before it can mess up their personal SSI’s and Medicaid eligibility. If the government were to see how much they were granted, all of their other living fnds would have been haulted. I work for the developmentally disabled and many consumers went shopping–something they can never afford to do.

      • kat says:

        Ok if I read this right people on disability should have received a second stimulous check, well if the true why haven’t I got mine?

    • young says:

      iagree!! Iam on SSI and my house is in foreclosure. my SSI payments do not cover my mortgage. what do i do. i have children and have no where else to go. my mortgage company can’t help me so i am stuck. my husband left me with back mortgage payments and took all my money!! so now we will be on the streets. i have been trying my best to get better so i can work, i am having no luck. in pain 24/7.

  4. RonaSue says:

    Just my opinion:

    Bobbiejo, I understand what you are saying, BUT the reason so many are in debt and turn to credit is because over 1/3 of income is put towards taxes…prices and taxes are rising at a higher rate than anyone can afford, that is people who have jobs! It’s not enough almost half your income is lost. SO, people turn to loans and credit cards to get by…I know it’s not the answer, but sometimes it’s necessary. In order to stimulate the economy it has to be possible for people to SPEND money.

    I disagree with you on services available…if you own a car or house, there is NOTHING they will give you…honey, you’re screwed…I’ve been there, done that…I know many people bury their assets (cheat) just to get help. I’ve seen what’s in people’s wallets, the services, food stamps they get…then watched them walk out of the store and get into a brand new Honda or w/e. True Americans have been given the ROYAL SCREW. I don’t know what the answer is, but raising prices and taxes is NOT. Who the H*** are they to tell us Americans are too fat and drinking soda is unhealthy and decide to add additional taxes so people can’t buy them. They need to cut the FAT FIRST on politicians high life style with their huge incomes and taxpayers paying for their private Jets. Our 1st amendment rights are being washed away or should I say BRAINWASHED away…I’m sorry…that’s just how I feel.

    • FED-X MOMMY says:

      I totally agree with you, if you need a helping hand, you pretty much have to be dirt poor and with kids to get the help. If you go and apply for aid and own a house and a car, you better be getting rid of them or they will give you the boot! I also see people who abuse the system and it is people like that that makes times like these even harder. All they do is put their assets on othe peoples names and there, you have the perfect situation, you still have your things and you still get aid. I also think that the political high life style should be cut, and that all of these corporation that were bailed out to begin with should also slim down and stop throwing lavish paties that are not nessasary! There is a lot of money out there that can be saved and put to better use if we cut back in the right places.

    • The Butcher says:


      I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is the responsibility of the government to work for the people not vice versa. You’re completely right about extreme expenditures in this country. it’s truly sickening. The war in Iraq for example draining billions of dollars a day and let’s not forget about the CEO’s of huge fortune 500 corps receiving multi-million dollar bonuses. What the F is going on here?
      It’s like they dropped the curtain on the whole act and we have to take the governments word on what is happening behind it. well RonaSue, it’s time for us to take this country back. NO MORE fat cats running corrupt pharmeceutical companies, NO MORE deaths over such an inefficient resource as oil. Centralized banking has got us bowing our heads to china for Fs sake.

      • The Butcher says:

        In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.
        Karl Marx-

      • merri bruce says:

        On the war in Iraq. We had to do it because there people over there killed lots of our people for no reason just because they were jealous of our country. Obama is doing the best he can and people need to stand up for themselves and help themselves to get out of their rut. Also people need to trust in GOD and know GOD will help us to get out of this rut. Believe me I know I have raised a daughter on my own that just turned 18 that has had 11 heart caths, 5 open heart surgeries and 3 chest surgeries had scoliosis and has 2 rods and 17 screws in her back and has liver problems and have never gotten a penny from her dad. She gets SSI and I have worked any and every kind of job to take care of her and am 41 and decided to go back to school to be able to better our lives too. GOD has always been there when we needed Him and if more people would turn to Him and trust in Him he would be there for them too. I have never had to go hungry or not have a roof over our heads because I pray to Him everyday and when things get tough I ask Him to help me make things get better. Now my daughter wants to travel the world and tell people about what she has gone through and how GOD has taken care of her and that He will them to if they will just let Him. I came from a poor family and am still poor but I dont blame the government for it. I am just doing my best to get out of it. GOD has a reason for everything that happens in this world. I work as a cashier at a grocery store and live check to check and cant even take my daughter out to eat when I want to cuz all our moneygoes toward rent and bills but I know that once I finish my schooling and become a nurse practitioner that things will get better. When I work so many hours at work the Government takes so much away from my daughters SSI check but that is just something I have to deal with so I do and dont complain and I deal with it.

    • Jessica says:

      The aviation industry that supplies those so-called evil corporations jets is a huge industry with far reaching ecomonomic effects. Thousands of engineers, manufacturers and small business owners make a living each and every year from the development, manufacture and maintenance of those jets that everyone thinks are so evil. Not only that, but those thousands of engineers, manufacturers and small business owners in turn use the money they earn to buy cars, homes (or make home repairs), food, clothes, pay for doctor’s visits etc. It’s those purchases that ensures many of the posters on this board have jobs. Everything in the economy is connected. I’m 100% sure that every single person who complains about “CEO FAT CATS” on their corporate jets does not think about how many jobs REALLY depend on those jets being purchased and maintained.

      Keep up the good fight.

      • The Butcher says:

        I like where you are going with that train of thought because it is truly important to make sure we save as many jobs as necessary, but that in no way justifies million dollar a year salaries and million dollar a year bonuses for anyone sitting behind a desk regardless of “Status” or “job related responsibilities” I am only of the opinion that the pay scale for every job should be more fair and balanced. there is no reason that a man or woman washing dishes at the local buffet gets paid 12,000 per year and politicians, political analysts, CEOs, entertainers etc. can demand millions. Is this not a fair and accurate appraisal?

      • Sher says:


        As far as I know, noone on here has called the corporations evil. We are only saying in the regard of flying corporate jets that corporations do take on an unnecessary expense when they do not have to.

        You bring up a good point that by CEOs using a company jet that the aviation industry is getting employment and they in turn spend money buying homes, cars, etc., but corporations would also be giving back to the employees, etc, by flying on a regular airline plane. They get where the need to go in the same amount of time, and it is likely that employees are not paid much less if the corporations were not to use jets.

        There is a difference in that if the corporations (CEOs) could use the money that was saved by not flying on jets, that the savings could be passed onto the Americans who buy products from them as well as their services.

        Unnecessary spending needs to be cut out. In order to reorganize as a country we have to. The same old same old is what brought us here.

        How much does it cost to fly on a corporate jet as opposed to a regular airline in a year? Also, when corporations are saying they are going bankrupt and need money from the government, which is really the general population taxpayers paying, why are they still flying on that jet when they are on their way to asking for help. I do not drive a limo when I am on my way to ask for help.

        I have the feeling that you know a CEO or are a CEO. Granted, we do not know everything that is involved with a CEO, but we know what they make and we know what we pay out of pocket. If it were not for us ultimately they would not be a CEO, so these corporations need to show more appreciation for the people that buy from them and use their services. And no I do not think they are evil. I just think they are sadly mistaken and some are selfish.

        • The Butcher says:

          yep, i don’t think of these people as evil. i think their tendencies are. i can not be convinced that the Chairmen and women at Haliburton or AIG are under the influence of the devil. i simply don’t understand how so much money is demanded for such a kush job. i know they get a lot of pressure from share holders and the government. but i am having trouble fathoming why millions per anum are acceptable pay rates for desk jockeys

          • Sher says:

            I completely agree. I see the high prices and I see what the CEOs make. I am so glad that Obama is not afraid to stand up to issues like flying their corporate jets. Why should so many people lose their jobs when a CEO is kushed like you said. It is mean-hearted for a CEO to accept what he makes, which is just ridiculous, and watch the employees under him suffer. You are right. I guess that is what is called an evil tendency because it sure is not kindhearted.

  5. jameca says:

    last years economic stimulas numbers were confusing. my family did not get what was the actual quoted dollars and we did not complain to anyone we were just confused.

  6. The Butcher says:

    there seems to be a lot of “this is what’s wrong. No that is what’s wrong.” going on here. fact is if you’re looking for someone to blame. stop.

    here is why. In the earliest beginnings of the industrial revolution, a new image surfaced. The Tycoon. And because these tycoons could afford to bring in services and provide jobs and products, those people were praised and encouraged. Now this is not the actual problem. The problem is that when the rich began to invest they began to invest in banks and credit companies and real estate that produced a big buck for the moment that would steadily decline.
    The problem is in the infrastructure of our philosophy. wealth generates wealth. No wealth segregates and changes and alienates those who purchase the products they provide(most they don’t even need but buy anyway because of brainwashing through advertisement.) so these people get used to living as consumers just spending and spending and spending and putting a larger and larger rift between themselves and the fat cats who got them there in the first place.

    bottom line. Save. Invest. Prosper. Share.
    if i made 10 million dollars a year i would have no problem donating 95 percent of it to problems concerning our energy crisis, our ever crumbling, poorly maintained infrastructure, or our employment crisis. fight this style of living. How many mansions does mel gibson need anyway? and does he really deserve any of them? Do the right thing Bill O’Reilly stop talking shit about paying higher taxes and trade in your Bentley for a subaru. or perhaps sell one of your vacation homes.
    Shaq can’t shoot 40 percent at the free throw line yet he can demand a million dollars everytime he shows his ass in public.
    this life sickens me. we fight amongst each other on the bottom rung of society while these jerks walk around with 25 grand in jewelry on their ears and freshly cleansed colons as well as the best health care money can buy. meanwhile we settle for food stamps and free clinics. nobody want’s a handout at my house. i just want to know why a butcher who breaks his back everyday and still goes to college and raises kids gets paid so much less than an a-hole commentator like sean hannity.

    • Thinker says:

      Hey Butcher, – AMEN

    • Alan S says:

      Buthcher, you seem like a bright guy so how is it you’ve been bamboozled by those who tell you that you’re stuck with you’re life of being a butcher? You live in the greatest nation in the world where you have mobility and can be what you choose (as opposed to many other nations). Creativity, innovation, and persistence is what makes success (wealth does not= success). Get through your anger focused on those who have made choices to innovate and focus on yourself! If you dedicate half of your anger towards achieving realistic goals you’ll be wildly successful.

  7. yo says:

    I think willam what you really need to do is get up and look for a job. /isee you said that they give others jobs before amanicans im also an american its just that there are people that will do the work that most wont if you know what i mean. when do you see whites on aa contruction site

    • chris says:

      What’s up yo,
      Well I am a roofer I’m tring to be the best damn roofer around, But the problem is that there are no jobs around.
      Nobody has any money to do either old , or new cons. right now .
      My whole crew is white and they are all great workers, and it is not there or my fault we cannot get work. And what do you mean they will do work that most won’t (WHAT WORK?).
      You let me know! so I know what jobs I’m missing.

    • Sher says:

      Stop the train right there. When do you see whites on a construction site?……You are opening a whole other subject by saying that. William has the right to speak of illegals getting jobs ahead of Americans (by Americans I mean everyone that is an American no matter the color of their skin). It is a fact. Illegals working are a current issue and not contributing back into the United States and sending money back home to their country, especially since so many get paid under the table. Can you imagine how much tax dollars the United States is losing out on? That sure would help with the stimulus. Many illegals working and taking Americans jobs are not running a one-family household either and instead are sharing a household. American culture usually has a one-family household and so cannot work for less (I am talking about before the economy took a dive). Now though, if an American can make something they should but like said, the work is not there. Construction right now is almost non-existant and the people who have it are not letting go of their jobs. I guess I have to be truthful here and also say that the Americans who are paying illegals under the table are just as much to blame, shame on them for doing their country that way during these times….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why dont you all just shut up you loud mouths !
    None of yo really no what the other has gone through or why there are in the situation they are in you ?
    You say only dirt poor with kids! Thats a complaint if I have ever heard.C’mon you all just wanna whine!
    Look a job is a job ,yet still even a “min wadge” job is HARD to find in these tough times.Pull it together support eachother.Why not help someone whom may be in need?!I sure do not have much.But AND I DO HAVE KIDS!!!I work my tail off everyday and pray more hours do not get cut ,not because I want to go back to living in the the comfort of the way I used too (although it would be nice) But because my family has lost half there income in these hard times ,with both of us working as many hours as we can scrounge up!A HAND OUT!! Either you did not get a check or I’ll laugh at the fact if you say you NEVER cashed your’s! Because if you did we all know it went into your bank! And I will keep helping others even ,my family will come first but we will servive there is alway’s some one out there worse off then you! You say quit blamimg others?!Look at your self seems a little like you think your too good!
    Blah blah I’m a nurse .We are not hear to hear of your proffesion REALLY! You wanna make a change you want people to help them selfs help them,by posting useful websites to encourange their job search ,or become more educated ,let them know they are supported and we as a country stand by them .I just get tired of looking at these post and all I ever read is people who should be useing this site for good ,getting their thrills off crushing others!

    • chris says:

      Thank you for your honesty, It’s refreshing to hear someone with a grounded sense of reallity.
      We all need help and to hear all the complaining is not very helpfull.

    • The Butcher says:

      i would just like to know two things. first; why is it wrong to suggest that the income distribution is lopsided? and secondly what is this paragraph even about? it is the consumers in this country who have trusted power in the reactionary hands of crooked politicians. i haven’t placed unnecessary blame on anyone.
      I don’t consider myself better than anyone. I am a consumer also. all i VERY CLEARLY stated is that we at the bottom need to pull together and get our questions answered.

      Lastly, you should clear this up for me because what i think you are saying in this rant is that we should stop whining, meanwhile you whine on and on about the same things we are frustrated about. you should probably take a couple of correspondence courses as well because your grammar and sentence structure is WAY messed up.
      to everyone who comes across this bulletin; just know that i am not being mean. This babbling non sense is the reason why we can’t get organized as a society. To the anonymous i say; Go read a BOOK.

      Are you seriously telling me i need to quit whining about the government sticking it in my a** on a daily basis. Obviously you missed that part in the constitution where my right to speak of injustice is not only guaranteed but constitutionally protected. What a disgusting, shameful and uneducated dunce you have made of yourself anonymous………

  9. Natasha says:

    I do agree w/ most. The truth is this is a sad day for America and we need to pull together as Americans And get through this. It will get better, hopefully befor our childeren become adults.

  10. David Mial says:

    simply. my wife and I are retired and we did not have any taxable income for 2007 & 2008, therefore we did not pay taxes. we read in AARP newsletter that we will get a stimulis check. is this true ???

    David Mial

    • Jim says:

      There’s a new Social Security benefit of $250, if you’re on Social Security then you will get that (and your wife too). There’s also a Make Work Pay credit but that’s only if you work part-time.

  11. Sher says:

    I do believe that Obama will turn things around, but like he said the night he got elected…things will start to change but it may take past his term to change them. Let’s just say that I think we have a chance with Obama.

    I have read some comments on here about peoples lazy you know whats and getting handouts or living beyond their means or people being on welfare. There are always some of those mixed in taking advantage of the system, but I do not like it when the majority of this countries problems are placed on those kinds of problems.

    Medically someone can be walking down the road and look perfectly fine but that does not mean they are. A lot of people who have lost their homes did not see what the future would bring and could not possibly see it and may have been able to pay their mortgage perfectly fine until the economy hit or a personal trajedy in their own lives.

    I do medical transcription and I remember going to school and writing a paper on medical transcription and doing research that it was a recession proof job for the most part. Well, about a month ago everything slowed down at work. Many people are not going to the doctors offices. People cannot afford a copay, baby sitter, gas, you name it. Whatever is affecting it is and it is going on down the line.

    My job is a perfect example that in times of need if the government would have looked more into the longterm rather than the shortterm benefits these corporations and other busiesses would receive, I would have that extra work now (whatever little it would have been).

    The general American population does have a right to “cry” about it and rant and rave about what has gone on. If we do not speak up for ourselves noone else will. I also believe that because we have cried about it and are ranting and raving that the government is startomg to take notice that the general population knows we are not being treated fairly and that their changes need to involve us in a much better way.

    I urge you to contact your congressman and your representative. You can leave an email and send it to them from their site. You could Google it. Please be polite in the email and clear. You can write about whatever is bothering you and where you think there should be change. The government needs to know that we have a voice and that we demand to be treated fairly.


    Someone who cares about a lot of things!

  12. Dina says:

    heres my situation…. about 5 months ago i gave birth to a baby girl and she is the best thing that ever happend to me. i didnt qualify for medicaid because i have a job. so when my baby was born she didnt have medicaid either, i tried going to CHIPS and i havent heard anything from them and its been 5mths now. what pisses me off is that alot of women from other countries come here “illegaly” and have their babies and expect OUR govt to pay for everything, because of the fact that they’re illegal and cant get a job or just cant work because they have so many kids. who ends up paying for all that… “US TAXPAYERS”…. “get your lazy ass up and go out there and get a job or go back to your country and stop putting us in debt”!! all these women like to do is sit on their ass and wait for hand-outs. and me, being a U.S citizen, paying my taxes,bustin my ass, being a single mother, i have my own place, trying to provide the best for my baby… yes i do admit, i needed help at one time so i asked for assistance and you know what i got “NADA”. i work but i dont make enough…. while i was pregnant i was working 2jobs just to make it thru so if you work, you dont get shit of assistance. what im saying is how come the govt doesnt see that the moms that are trying to make it out there, we should be entitled to a lil help also. i wasnt asking for alot. what do you think?

    • Sher says:

      I feel for you. There are some people that definitely get lost in the system. My husband and I went through a couple of hard times this past year, and we found one place that helped us out with our electric bills and groceries for a week.

      Every other place that we asked for help wanted to know what our income had just been (even though it was down at the time) or what our last W2 showed.

      What gets me is that the government bases giving financial help on what the gross income is rather than the net income, which does not make any sense cause every one knows we have to pay our taxes and we do not get to keep that in our pockets.

      I will tell you what kind of place my husband and I went to. It is a place that takes donations in and they have a variety shop and all of their profits go towards helping people if they need it with their electric bill once a year and I think groceries once a year or maybe a little more on that.

      It is called King of Ministry. It is not a lot of help but anything helps. They did not make us feel bad either for asking and they did not ask us what our gross was. They actually gave us pretty high standards on what income we could make compared to all of the other places.

      If I were you, one type of place I would check out are the thrift stores and variety stores and those that have names associated with religion. They are the ones who are likely to help you out when things are hard.

      Good luck!!

    • Sher says:

      Hi Dina,

      I can go by where I got help from that one time. They had some things posted on the wall for about 3 or 4 places that a person can call for different things….one of them was I think medical. I will go by and get the numbers and the names even if you do not happen to read this just in case anyone else needs the numbers and names. Does anyone else have any sources for help right now that could possibly be posted on this site? It may take me a week to go by and get the numbers but I will. I do not know if they will be of help at all but I will get them. 🙂

    • The Butcher says:

      I couldn’t agree more. You need to be praised for having a child and working and taking care of things on your own.
      I’m afraid that what we have here is capitalism at its finest. If you read my first post on here i pretty much lined it all out. They expect you to mock these illegal immigrants and even some legal citizens who sit on their lazy butts spitting out children and collecting wellfare.
      Well i applaud you dina for sticking it out and making it happen for you and your child.

      Illegal immigration is a touchy subject. I see the point of view from the immigrants who are tired of seeing their poverty continuing from generation to generation and seek to make a better life here. I really feel for these people. That’s why i suggest this proposal. What if we extended to immigrants an opportunity to gain citizenship by performing civil services such as being translators in court cases or serving in the military. this would surge our military and taxes paid like nothing else could.

    • merri bruce says:

      There are churches that have food banks and give out food once a week so just call your local churches and see which ones do and what day its on and there is a little help.

  13. anonymous says:

    I would like to know how to lower or even payoff my student loans when financial institutions can apply what ever interest rate they want or to apply for the stimulus plan to pay off my loans

    • Sher says:

      If you contact the company that you have your loan with and have it automatically debited from your account I think they take off half a percent off of your interest for doing that. I do not think the stimulus had anything to do with the student loans but I could be wrong.

  14. Linda Tucker says:

    I think there should be another stimulus check cut directly to the people who file their taxes.

  15. liza says:

    I dont care here or there about a second check. How ever I do think our elected president should give penalties to employers who hire illegals and treat legals citizens like crap. There needs to be more work for the honest, non drug attic, no felonies or criminal history citizen. Than there is for the drug attic criminal illegal. The place where I live would rather hire those kind of people to pay them less. Than to hire the more deserving. Maybe its because they can treat them like crap and get away with it. Who really knows.

  16. f says:

    I’m an immigrant myself. I come here 13 years ago.
    I’m now a U.S. A citizen my family and I never get any help from the government we work at our put off to get where we are now. I now about to be graduate from College with my bachelor degree. One advantage that I have was I never being illegal my grand father spends a lot of money to us here with our green card. In some ways I’m in the same situation that you guys are in when I was pregnant with my daughter my husband was the only person that was working, I went there to get help the people over did not want to help me because I was married, I think that the system is shucks it doesn’t work for people who work at the most in the country. I think that the government should let these illegal immigrants work so that they can pay taxes just like we are. If the illegal can get foods stamp, I think that they should pay taxes too. Furthermore, I’m from Haiti when Haitian come to this country we work at our butt off to get somewhere, but we not appreciated because we come from a poor country. However, most black people forget that we were the first black country to get it’s independence from slavery. It does matter where we from, we all african american. Either you from here or I’m from Haiti, we are the same.

  17. sandra says:

    I am retired and find it hard to make all my bills on time. When we got our first economic stimulus check i went out and got caught up on my bills and got a frew things for myself that i had gone without for a long time. Another one would be very nice. Thank you very much

    • Sher says:

      I know. I am just trying to hang in there until the economy gets better, wish we all had a crystal ball so that we could know when that time will be. That way at least I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing the light is around the corner. Ugh! I have heard the stress in peoples voices that I know. So many of them are saying they are “sick of the economy being bad and wish it would get better”…or “I wish the economy would get better”…..or just plain “I am sick of the economy being bad.” People are so stressed to that point. I know one thing. I will darn sure appeciate the economy when it does get better, and I will try like crazy to make sure I am more prepared for something like this again, which hopefully would not be soon.

      • john maloney says:

        obama had the house majority, a super magority in senate and still could not pass healthcare takeover; or the cap and trade debacle . why is that? because his own party didnt want it . until they throw the noncence out and follow texas’s example (lowered premiums 40% ) . no one is going to hire . oh and chuck the comunity reinvestment act that caused this bubble in the first place . remember 1999? prices of houses thru the roof , then all you heard was how housing market was slowing…. then bust!!! look it up . congress forced banks to make bad loans., then slime bags decided to make a buck on cituation . it wasnt tricky mortgage people . it was dumbasses buying houses they couldnt afford and it was unscrupulous slime jumping on board . but before that it was congress . bush? ha!!! not hardly . he was too stupid to see what was going on .

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think we need another check just because how thing are goingpeople are getting laid off left to right bill are stack up but it still know help out their we thank bush for the first round but i think if we get another one then that we help us out on bill and just tring to get on our feets because times is hard we wonder where are next meal are coming from because we don’t know if we going be one of the next people or person who going get laid off so we would be better prepare we the check just something to fall back on and how long is employment so yes send out another stimuls check please.

  19. BORIS says:

    somebody tell me if theres a 2nd stimulus check coming plz. im reading only a $250 social sec. one for elders anybody know of another coming thx for any info

    • Sher says:

      I read in the paper that people who are not on social security will not be getting an actual check. They will be getting a very small tax break in their payroll checks. I think it equals to about $8.00 a week. I am not completely sure how it works, but I know I read that we will not be getting a second physical check from the government. I really wish someone would say I am wrong. I could use one right now. For people getting social security they will be receiving a check in about May for $250.00.

      • BORIS says:

        thx for a response sher thats exactly what im hearing. just looking for other responses of more detail. what im hearing is something like an $11.00 tax back off of our paid taxes from our checks. if my #’s are correct im not gonna do any spins of excitement for something that minute. i got an idea instead of rewarding these monster companies w bailouts take the diff. and put it in our pockets ive been paying taxes since i was 17 as most its our “::::::: money give to us. its only gonna go back into the economy anyhow win win situation. whats that gonna do allow em another 4 months to float til they come back for more. gimmme a break and i thought bush was bad. this nut makes bush look like a saint. i believe in a stimulus but this amount and where it’s going is gonna be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly bad for this country. future generations for the next few decades are in serious debt out of this one. good luck everybody

  20. JessicaT says:

    I have 2 kids, I’m a single mom. I also support my disabled mother. I’m on welfare. However, I wasn’t a single and wasn’t on welfare until my divorce. I have a bachelor’s degree and have 2 jobs. I don’t have enough money to support a family of four, it’s all I can do to pay our rent. What about the people like me who try their hardest just to have failure thrown in their faces? I don’t have a credit card, a mortgage, I do have a card but it’s in my father’s name because I my debt to income ratio is too high. It sucks living paycheck to paycheck and all the bills are always pastdue. If I get rid of my car I wouldn’t have as many bills but I wouldn’t have a job either. Where’s my bailout? Let me guess, get a third job so that I can’t ever see my children.

    • Sher says:

      One of the biggest problems in qualifying to get help is that the government looks at the gross and not the net. I shake my head about that because we all have to pay taxes and the government knows it. Sure, it helped when people were trying to buy houses (which is one of the reasons some people were able to be qualified for a higher loan,….,I think, and please correct me if I am wrong).

      The government really needs to be realistic and look at the net and not the gross. Also, the government does not realistically fit in all of the unexpected bills from month to month like a car breaking down or having to get underwear (lol) because people feel funny without it.

      Okay. I am laughing. I am done! You get the picture though….we need clothes too.

  21. nick238 says:

    Here is a novel idea, instead of giving the banks and corportaions the cash, take the trillion dollars and give it directly to the tax payer. one of 3 things will happen 1) people will spend it. 2) save it and 3)if wise – liquidate their debt. The end result will still be the real economic stymulus that the US ECONOMY is looking for.

    • Sher says:

      That is just about the same thing that some of us have said on this site in the past. I totally agree with you. I would just like to add in that the companies themselves also need to lower their prices at the same time if this were to occur (not all companies but the ones that have gotten way out there ahead of time in their prices, if they want to stay in business).

  22. Cal/KML says:

    Hey I just want to know if this check is for working people? Rumor has it that anyone over 50yrs of age will not get this! however I’m aware that people on Social Security will get a check..Can someone post comment to help an old lady out in need of acheck! CAL/KML

    • Sher says:

      I think it is anyone that is not on disability who will not be getting a stimulus, just about $8.00 to $13.00 in thier paychecks every time a persn is paid and that is it.

  23. Moe says:

    Where can i find that article that says you get a $65 increase on your paycheck due to the new stimulis plan? My boss says he has not heard of such a thing… Anyone know?

    • Asian american says:

      forget about it Moe. on April, i work 40 hours a week i got paid 460 buck but tax cut from my check 101 bucks. then i heard that Obama give 20 bucks each week on pay check, but my tax cut still 101 bucks nothing raise or anything.i got paid 460 buck and tax cut 101 buck its really paid cos i lose 10 hours to pay on tax. i wish i could make 70 000 buck a year.

      • john maloney says:

        i was making above that . having 400.00 out in taxes is enough to make you puke . then property tax ; excise tax ; sales tax; gas tax; on and on and on . ENOUGH!!! no taxes on all small business for 5 yrs. watch economy explode .

  24. BOOBA says:

    To the dude below… Speak for yourself because I ain’t know charity case. However, I have no problem with accepting a helping hand now and then. Plus it makes the person giving feel good for giving to charity. I want the most but I will take the least. I heard that the stimulus checks are $250.00 per person. Shit… You know I will be buying a fat, fluffy ziplock bag of some stanky nugz for sure. I hope Obama legalizes weed too. I know I sound like a bleeding heart liberal but I am a straight laced independent that loves to get stoned to the bone playing my guitar while fishing in the shade of a giant willow tree along side the brooke.

  25. mary says:

    heres an idea wouldnt it have worked for the people to get a bail out that way people spend,spend & as it is now how many more times will the big companies looking for more money

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