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See Some Other Financial Network Maps

When I first drew up our financial network map [3], then subsequently wrote about and did a video about financial network maps [4], I had no idea it would become a popular idea.

These maps are valuable for two reasons. First, they give you a good snapshot of your finances. Second, it forces you to understand and, if you’re married, discuss your finances. Communication is the key to success in any relationship, be it a marriage or a friendship, and financial communication is often very touchy because it deals with money. However, the best things in life are hard right? 🙂

If you haven’t made a financial network map yet and aren’t really sure how, watch the video and read the post. Aftwards, check out some of these maps for ideas. Each one does it a little differently and you can pick and choose which aspects of each you want to use for yourself:

If you drew up a financial network map and I missed it, let me know!