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Seeing Celebrities On Vacation = Payday

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good and in his Business Week article, turns out that three friends ran into Mel Gibson in a Malibu bar, snapped some pictures, and are getting a little payday in the process. The three friends sold two week exclusive rights to In Touch for $10,000 (though they admit they could’ve gotten more, they sold the pictures before Gibson’s DUI arrest and because In Touch then let any other media outlet use them) and an interview on Entertainment Tonight, where they were paid for other pictures but not the interview.

In this case the friends were just out at a bar, but Splash News & Picture Agency, whom the friends contracted to take over the selling of the photos, says that their most lucrative shots were for Britney Spears’ wedding in Las Vegas, taken by a guy who was also getting married there. That guy is still getting checks and made $150,000 as of 2004. Not a bad wedding present!

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