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Seeking Alpha Investing Apps Review

When you go to a stock ticker site, whether it’s something like Google Finance or TheStreet.com, the pages are pretty much static. The ticker page for Apple (AAPL [3]) on Google Finance is pretty dull. You have basic information at the top, news on the left, some advertisements, important events, related companies, etc. It’s good information but you have little by way of customization and there’s little outside information, unless you count the news.

That’s what makes the investing apps at Seeking Alpha, launching next week (Oct 11th), so cool. I spoke with them at Finovate [4] and they showed me their new offering. The basic idea is that they want to give you the ability to modify the standard ticker pages and add investing apps, built by third party partners, that improve the quality of the information you see.

Seeking Alpha App Store

Much like Apple’s App Store, some of these apps are free, some are paid, but almost all of them bring a dimension of analysis you won’t get on any individual ticker page. Many of the biggest names in investing research have built apps (many of which are free) to pull in their data for use on the page itself. For example, Zacks Research has a free application that gives you access to their research, estimates, surprise history, and broker ratings – all displayed on the page itself (premium is coming).

Each app has a “small” version and a “full” version. The small version is the widget that appears on the ticker page itself. The full version is a standalone page that showcases the entirely of the application. In some cases the two are the same.

LikeAssets App

I asked Fara, Seeking Alpha’s Marketing Director, which application showcases all the features of their API and she mentioned LikeAssets [5] (not sure if you can visit that link yet, might have to wait until Oct 11th). LikeAssets lets you import information from your brokerage accounts and analyzes them anonymously.


I think the Seeking Alpha App Store is a brilliant idea and one that certainly makes great business sense for Seeking Alpha. Many of the apps are very well conceived and I’m looking forward to seeing what new apps are on the horizon.