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Seller Tips For A Slow Real Estate Market

It does appear that the real estate market has started to slow down, as expected, so it comes as no surprise that cnn/money has an article listing six tips for all you sellers [3] out there. One thing I think deserves mentioning is that if you want to be successful selling your property for as much as possible, you should’ve been doing all these tips in the sizzling hot market anyway.

Tip 1. Improve Curb Appeal

These are the first impressions of your home, mow your lawn, paint your exterior if it needs it, trim the bushes, and move any trash cans or other debris away. Remember that many times people will be surfing a real estate page and one of the only pieces of physical evidence they see at that point is the photo of the front of your house.

Tip 2. Clean Up and Rearrange Inside

They suggest that you remove your own personal touches so you should move pictures, trophies, diplomas, and anything that makes the home “yours” and not “theirs.” If you can handle it, rearrange or remove some of your furniture so there is more open space, which in turn, will make your place seem bigger. While this is a little harder if you’re still living there, the extra hard work could pay off. If you have already moved, rent some furniture to put in the rooms so it isn’t just an empty space. (Their Tip #3). Also, consider doing a little work such as touching up some of the paint in some rooms because it’ll give it a much better feel.

Tip 4. Smell Test

Own a pet? You might want to consider finding him or her a temporary home while you’re selling. Obviously, clean out all the trash and refrain from smoking. You might want to consider repainting rooms in which you have smoked (if you do) to mask the smell of smoke, though that will take a lot of coats of paint.

Tip 5. Pick A Good Realtor

In a sellers market you can afford to have a weak Realtor, but not now. They suggest reading reviews on Homethinking.com and Hungryagents.com to find the best one.

If you’re thinking about some major remodeling jobs to increase the potential selling price of your home, you may be interested to read about the Best Home Value Renovations [4] and an update to the Best Home Value Renovations [5].