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Send PFBlogs.org Some Love

You may not know this but it takes a tremendous amount of computational power to poll the millions of blogs (an exaggeration) that PFBlogs.org [3] does on a daily/hourly basis and that comes at a very high cost. Considering that a blog that’s been around for a month can be put on a list with blogs that have been around for years is something that speaks to the democratic nature of PFBlogs.org and the fact that it’s ad-free is merely icing on the cake. If you haven’t considered it yet, I strongly urge you to consider becoming a “Friend” at a mere $2/month.

The incentives are directed towards the bloggers out there who get equal billing with industry giants (another exaggeration) in addition to a pretty gold star, top billing on the sidebar and in the many blogrolls, direct links in RSS feeds, and highlighted post titles in the main page (the maroonish red bar that makes your articles stand out, my personal favorite perk).

Just give it a thought… [4]