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What If? Series

Many many years ago, when I was a young kid and a collector of comics, there was a series called “What If? [3]” that I loved reading. I never bought many of them but the premise was that a Watcher could see alternate universes and, for our entertainment, showed us these alternate universes. It was a fun time. I think it would be fun if we played a few “What If?” games.

When I started another similar “fun” series, the Devil’s Advocate series [4], I didn’t know how popular it would be with you guys and I’m hoping the What If? series is the same. The topic we’re going to tackle is one that the President’s Budget Deficit Commission set their sights on – the mortgage interest deduction. What if the mortgage interest deduction didn’t exist?

If there are any topics you think we should cover, please let me know!

(Photo: franmoff [5])