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7 Non-Financial Reasons Why I Love Owning A Home

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A lot of people talk about the monetary reasons to buy a home; I want to share you my top seven non-financial reasons I love owning a home to give you a little perspective on the softer side of home ownership. Rent vs. buy and home value appreciation calculations are great and all but when you unlock your front door, you don’t hear the ding of the cash register sliding open, you hear the click of your sanctum beckoning you in.

Reason #7: It’s A Milestone Achieved
I will admit that owning a home isn’t a milestone for everyone, some people are content renting and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it was a milestone for me and to be able to achieve it is something I’m proud of. It’s not something I’m going to shout about off rooftops or anything, but it’s certainly something I wanted and am glad to be able to get.

Reason #6: I’m Responsible For Everything
When someone tells me that they love renting because the landlord is responsible is for repairs, I ask them how long it took the landlord to fix something when it broke. The answer, from those who have dealt with it, is usually way too long. How many cold showers are you willing to take? How many sweltering hot days are you willing to spend at the mall or library because your AC is busted? Sure I have to pay for it, so do renters (it’s factored into the rent), but if the water heater breaks or the AC stops, I call up a guy immediately. I don’t call up a guy who then has to call up a guy.

Reason #5: My Own Parking
Each home in my neighborhood gets two reserved parking spots and those parking spots are crucial. While it’s not as nice as having my own driveway and garage, it’s better than searching and fighting for street parking. I know a lot of friends who struggle everyday to find parking where they live and a lot of friends who are resigned to parking in a huge lot and making a trek back to their apartment (which isn’t really all that bad honestly, not as bad as street parking). Now, it’s not a huge reason to buy a home, but it’s certainly a great perk to have when you do own a place.

Reason #4: My Appliances Aren’t Crap.
If there is one immutable law about apartments, it’s that the appliances in there are usually crap. They’re always beat up, inefficient, old, and crap because there’s no incentive for a landlord to upgrade the appliances unless they’re beyond repair. I don’t mind a visually unpleasant looking dishwasher but I don’t like the fact that the cold war era refrigerator uses up twice as much energy as a newer refrigerator (if it’s older than 15 years, replace it) and I have to pay for it.

Reason #3: I care about my neighbors, they care about me.
When you rent, you’re basically a transient. You know you’re probably not going to be there forever, so it makes no sense trying to make friends with your neighbors outside of the cursory hello’s and goodbye’s. I mean you could make an effort but they could leave in a month or they could care less about your cat. As a result of being able to build relationships with your neighbors is the ability to call on them when you need a hand (and lend a hand if they need it), such as looking out for your place when you’re away, watering your plants, etc. This is much harder if you live in an apartment and don’t know a single soul on the floor.

Reason #2: No More Moving! (unless I want to)
I hate moving. I hate dealing with moving companies (I especially hate Uhaul). I hate packing up my stuff into boxes. I hate moving box. I hate unpacking boxes. I hate everything about moving… that’s why the second best reason for buying a home is the fact that you move when you want to. I don’t pack a single box until I’m ready to pack a box and that’s definitely worth its weight in gold.

Reason #1: It’s Mine.
Number one reason why I like owning a home is because it’s MY home. I can do whatever I want with it (of course, within reason and subject to HOA approval and luckily my HOA isn’t militant) because I own it and my decisions aren’t really subject to the whims of someone else, like say a landlord. If I want to paint my walls bright anything, I can paint it bright anything. If I want to barbecue on my deck, I can barbecue on my deck. I can do whatever I want… it’s mine. 🙂

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9 Responses to “7 Non-Financial Reasons Why I Love Owning A Home”

  1. cami says:

    Reason #4, If your problem with the appliances in apartments is that they are efficient or have a high replacement cost, that seems like a financial reason to me. While some landlords don’t replace items, there are others that do put in very nice ones (I have a great refrigerator).

    Reason #3, I think that makes certain assumptions about the personalities of people that rent versus those that own, which I personally have not found to be true. People will often rent first in a neighborhood to get a sense of the community. Personally, if I had neighbors who didn’t have any interest in me just because I didn’t own a home, it would definitely make me think twice about living there. I know plenty of people who own homes and barely know anyone on their block.

  2. Madame X says:

    I agree with all of these, except in NYC we don’t usually get parking, and oddly enough, when I rented, I was closer to my neighbors than I currently am in my condo, though hopefully that will change.
    But it’s true, you can do all the rent vs. buy calculations in the world, and it won’t change certain satisfactions that only come with owning your home.

  3. plonkee says:

    I’m with you on numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7. Not sure about 6, I’m probably lazier than the landlord.

    Re: 5
    My new (first) house purchase actually has worse parking than my flat. Thats what you get for moving to a house that was built before ordinary people could afford cars.

    Re: 3
    I’m not a speaking to the neighbours sort of person, I prefer to keep myself to myself. I hope they don’t want to be too friendly.

  4. Nigel says:

    Agree with Cami on Reason #3. I think I had better neighbors when I was renting. Also with renting, if you don’t like the neighbors, you can just move. With owning, you are stuck (more or less).

  5. Brad says:

    My experience jives with Reason #3. Apartments, everywhere I have lived, are seen as temporary residences. The effort to make friends with neighbors just seemed, to most people, like a waste of time. Plus, you spend all of your home time in your apartment. I spend a lot of time outside working in the yard, sitting on the porch, etc. That causes much more interaction with my neighbors. I think Reason #3 stands, for many people, as a reason buying a home is better than renting an apartment (but not necessarily renting a house).

    I’m a relatively private person like plonkee, but you can be private in a house in a subdivision if you so choose; even more private in many ways since you share no walls or corridors.

  6. Kate says:

    Reason #3: Not where I live.

    They’re persnickety, selfish, anal retentive jerks who always whine when I do remodeling that will INCREASE their property value along with mine….

  7. says:

    If you have someone who can fine you and put a lien against your house for painting it the wrong color or having too many cars in front of ‘your house’, you really don’t own it.

  8. Moneymonk says:

    I think in rent vs buy both have some advantages. I have to say that owning is definitely an upgrade to where we was before. For the mere fact the house payments never increase is enough reward for me. Satisfaction!

  9. dakboy says:

    I can’t really disagree with anything here. #6 though is a double-edged sword. While I’m responsible for everything and don’t have to wait on the landlord, I’m also responsible for everything and can’t call someone to come fix the leak that sprung at 2 AM in the bathroom.

    Seems like a very strong split on #3. My renting experiences were filled with bad neighbors. There’s nothing quite like being woken up by the kids next door every weekend morning at 5:30AM. Or having the neighbors downstairs complain that your CATS wake their kids up. Or the inconsiderate jerks who leave their stuff in the laundry machines for 3 hours. My wife, when she had an apartment, had smokers next door and that smoke made its way into her closet, stinking up all of her clothes.

    I think on #3, the experience really depends on the area you live in and the type of neighborhood you move into.

    #4 – The house came with all the appliances except the stove. The dishwasher is good, the fridge quite inefficient, the laundry machines old, small & inefficient. We replaced the laundry already with mid-range gear, and the fridge will be replaced with a more efficient model within 5 years. Replacement means a good chance to upgrade.

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