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Your Take: Share Your Tax Story, Win Copy of TurboTax Premier

It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway and the fine folks at Turbotax [3] were kind enough to host a local event a few back in Washington D.C. They were showcasing Snaptax [4], they’re expanded mobile application that lets you take a photo of your W-2 and import it into TurboTax. I remember when they debuted the service a couple years ago, at the time only for California, and I was amazed at its accuracy (it’s just OCR’ing a relatively standard form but it’s still nifty, no one else is doing it!). They’ve expanded it so that you can now prepare your taxes, added a native iPad application (you aren’t looking at a web browser) that also let’s you prepare your taxes, and should your situation be more complicated, integrates with the online version. I think the crucial difference is that TurboTax has always been an online and software package first and so all of their advancements have been in that realm. Their competitors, those with software packages, almost see the package as an afterthought to their higher margin walk-in office services and so they’re always behind. (as an added bonus, all the public relations folks I’ve met and worked over the years have been awesome)

So, they gave me a few TurboTax gift cards to give away and they give you the ability to file one free federal and state preparation, with e-file, using TurboTax Premier Online (retail value is $74.95). The Premier version is one step up from Deluxe and it gives you the ability to handle investments and rental property. I believe it converts down (meaning you can use it for Deluxe). What you’ll get is just the code (and a photo of the back of the card, in case I mis-type it) and you can do with it what you will.

Here’s how you can win one of the three codes:

Contest will end at noon on March 9th, 2012. Void where prohibited.

This contest has ended, congratulations to Andrea, Erin, and Justin for winning!

Good luck!