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Shop Around for Cable: DirecTV vs. Comcast vs. Verizon

Finance blogs often explore how customers can save money on cable or even cut their cable, and while this can definitely save money, making such a big change can leave some customers without their favorite shows. Those who want to watch a number of sports on television or watch specific regional teams have few alternatives.

So if you don’t want to cut your cable and just want to know what packages are out there so you can try to negotiate for a better offer, we’ve put together some of the current promotions available from some of the largest carriers. If you have one of these competitors in your area, check out their regional offer and see if you can get your current provider to match it. If they won’t, switch!

And if you’ve previously cut the cable and want to have it again or you’re just planning to sign up, here’s a quick recap of what’s out there:


In terms of packages, Directv offers the simplest choices because you don’t have the option to bundle with other services as some of the other cable providers offer. Directv is also straightforward on their website; you can see exactly what you’ll receive as well as how much it costs during and after the promotional period. Comcast and Verizon offer limited information on their websites; you must call to get the full details, and rates vary by area of the country.

Entertainment Package $29.99/mo: This is the lowest priced package, but it may not be right for sports enthusiasts. It includes 140+ digital channels including all of the top entertainment and news networks as well as major sports networks. Take this package for 24 months, and the first 12 months are at $29.99; the last 12 months are at $54.99 a month.

Choice Package $34.99/mo:  This package includes a free season of NFL Sunday ticket (though there may be a regional sports fee) as well as 150+ digital channels featuring the same as the Entertainment package plus a few more. As a 24 month package, after 12 months, this package is $63.99 a month. Another perk to this package is that it includes free professional installation.


Comcast offers the biggest savings if you want to bundle other services. You can choose to bundle Digital TV, Internet and phone (what they call the Triple Play), or Digital TV and Internet, or Internet or Digital TV with phone. If you are interested strictly in cable, there is also a plan available for that.

Digital TV $29.99/mo: Get over 80 channels and 3 months of free HBO. This rate is valid for one year; after 12 months, the rate becomes the standard rate, which varies depending on your location in the country.

Bundled Package of Internet and Digital TV $69.99/mo: Get over 100+ digital channels as well as free HBO for 3 months and Internet speeds of 12 Mbps. Again, after 12 months, the standard rate applies, which varies based on your location.


With Verizon, be careful with the fees. You may face a $59.99 installation fee, and if you try to back out of your two year commitment, you could face a $200 early termination fee.

La Conexion $54.99/mo: Receive over 190 channels including English and Spanish channels. Rates may increase after two years.

FiOS TV Prime HD $64.99/mo: Receive 213 channels, music choice channels, radio channels and an extensive On Demand library. The same fees may apply for installation and early termination.

Verizon FiOs Digital Voice Unlimited & FiOS Internet 15/5 & FiOs TV Prime HD $99.99/mo: Like Comcast, Verizon offers the best discounts for bundling. If you bundle phone, internet and television, you will receive $15 off a month for 2 years plus get a $200 Verizon Visa prepaid card. For this price, you will get unlimited domestic residential calling, Internet at a speed of 15 Mbps, and 210+ channels.

Remember, these packages are often just a starting point. You can try to negotiate with the customer service representative and score even greater discounts, such as switching bonuses and other promotional offers.

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