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Shopping at After-Christmas Sales

One of the best times to find good deals is during the after-Christmas sales. There are a number of retailers that offer sales after Christmas Day. Indeed, starting on the 26th, there will be plenty of good deals to be had.

It can be an especially good time to stock up on what you need for next year. So, after all the presents are opened, and the wrapping paper is put away, consider how you might save some money on post-Christmas sales.

Get Ready for Next Year

We don’t usually buy Christmas decorations before the holiday. Instead, we make decor purchases after Christmas. This means that we don’t usually get use them until the following year — but we get them on discount. We replenish our wrapping paper, Christmas cards, and other trappings after Christmas. We also purchase new lights (the process of replacing all our tree lights with LEDs [3] is almost complete), and any other decorations we might want. After-Christmas sales are good times to find discounts on next year’s holiday trappings.

Prepare for the New Year

Sometimes, there are other perfectly ordinary items on sale after Christmas. We actually found some great birthday presents for my nieces one year while doing shopping during the week between Christmas and New Year. Keep an eye out for great bargains that you can use throughout the year. From new babies to weddings to birthdays to graduations, think about what events are coming up in the new year. You can look for items that make appropriate gifts for the loved ones on your list.

Seasonal Discounts

You can also look for seasonal discounts post-Christmas. This is the point that many retailers start clearing out their winter clothing options, preparing for the new spring fashions. You can find good deals on clothing, and other seasonal items. Look through fliers to see what’s on sale, and what retailers are trying to get rid of.

Purchasing Cars

The last week of December is also a great time to buy a car. Auto dealers are ready to discount cars in order to make monthly and annual quotas. Additionally, many car lots are slow, so it becomes much easier to make deals with salesmen who are trying to move things along. You might find especially good deals on models that are about to be replaced. So, at the end of 2011, you might be able to find good deals on 2011 models that dealers are ready to replace with 2012 models. And, of course, there are also good incentives to get the new year model as well. Do a little poking around, and you might be surprised at the good deals available on cars after Christmas.

Some Discounts Aren’t as Good as Others

Realize, though, that not everything is going to come with a plum discount. Indeed, some items won’t be discounted very far until a little bit later. Consumer electronics usually aren’t discounted at clearance/closeout prices until sometime in January. Consider waiting a little bit longer for discounts on those items.

Always make sure that you comparison shop, looking for the best prices and deals on everything that you buy. You will be more likely to find good deals and save more money.

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