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Should You Look For A New Job?

A friend recently learned that a co-worker, with similar responsibilities and credentials, found a new job for slightly more pay. The difference in salary was, percentage-wise, in the single digits and the move was a lateral one (no significant added responsibilities). She was wondering whether she should start looking for a job too because money’s getting tighter and everyone’s looking for an edge.

There’s no harm in looking.

I wouldn’t be spreading the news around the office but you’re not dating your job [3], you’re allowed to see if better opportunities are out there. You’re doing yourself a disservice but not looking. If you look and find a good opportunity, that’s great. If you look and don’t, then you will be happy in your job.

Now, given all that, if she were to find a job for a few percentage points more in pay, I would probably tell her not to take it. Here’s why:

I drastically simplified the situation but I believe I captured all the salient points. What would you say to her?

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