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Simplify My “Stuff”

Kiplinger has an article out this month called Stretch Your Paycheck [3] where they point out eight ways you might be able to trim your expenses to make your money go a little farther. I’m a fan of these types of articles, even if some of the ideas are reused, because it can give you a few good ideas on the things you can trim out of your life.

For example, the simple idea of “Get rid of your stuff” is powerful because it’s not something you often think about. If you think about what you do on a day to day basis, how many of the things in your house do you never touch? How many articles of clothing have you not worn for over a year? Have you consider selling or donating [4] it? What about those old cell phones you no longer use?

I’m going to do a simple exercise that I made up right now – I’m walking into each room and finding one thing we don’t need and getting rid of it somehow (sell, barter, donate). I’m not going to do a fire sale on all my stuff, I’m going to “simplify my stuff” the same way I simplified my finances [5]: one step at a time, one account at a time.

Every week I will get rid of something small and eventually we’ll get rid of all the things we thought we needed but don’t actually need.

What do you think?