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Six Figure Jobs: Stunt Driver

CNN Money started a great series called “Six Figure Series” where they highlight some jobs that will pay you big bucks. One of my favorites on the list is that of a stunt driver. You’ll need “smarts, technical skills and a healthy respect for danger” if you want to reel in a “generous six-figure living” for driving full-time on commercials, television shows and big time movies. They warn that professional drivers expect plenty of pain, especially if you’ve seen any car chase scenes in movies lately.

You better get cracking too because you’ll need about five years to get a name for yourself (as being an efficient, safe, and competent driver), which you need before you’re 30 if you want a shot at being a double in a movie. The 30s, they claim, are going to be your peak years and in your 40s and 50s you’ll move into being a coordinator or second-unit director – since you’ll be over the hill by then.

Not everything is rough and tumble, Dukes of Hazzard style, driving. You’ll need to prove precision and timing since many jobs will be like driving a Benz at 140 mph around hairpin turns on the edge of a cliff (things seem to move slower on film).

Working in formation with other cars is also part of the job. In one commercial, Kerns’ car had to “dance” in a ballroom with five other cars.

What can you hope to earn if you’re a top 20%? Upwards of $300,000.

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