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Sizzling Carnival Monday

Monday’s always start off with a bang as most of the Carnivals are published today (the main reason why I started the Festival of Frugality on Tuesdays) and today is no different.

The thirtieth edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance [3] starts our week with a bang at AllThingsFinancial [4] with twenty four informative articles. Be sure not to miss it.

Free Money Finance [5] is hosting the Carnival of Investing [6] in which my article about how taxes should play a role (but not be a sole deciding factor) in investment decisions [7] received top billing in a Carnival weighing in at eighteen articles. FMF did an excellent job hosting it this week.

The Social Customer Manifesto [8] hosts this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists [9] in which my kick-off post about Buying A Car on Ebay [10] is included.

Finally, tomorrow will be the release of the latest Festival of Frugality [11] which is being hosted by none other than Noah Kagan of OkDork.com [12]. If you haven’t contributed, please do so before tonight and you’ll be included.