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Sketchers Shape-up Lawsuit Settlement

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Did you buy those funny looking Sketchers Shape-up shoes sometime after December 1st, 2008? Did you think they were going to tone you up? Well, sadly, you may have been deceived. Even if you didn’t think the shoes, by themselves, were going to help you actually tone up, you are still eligible to be part of a recently announced settlement. There was a class action lawsuit, titled “Grabowski v. Skechers U.S.A., Inc., No. 3:12-cv-00204 (W.D. Ky.),” in which Sketchers is said to have violated state laws and consumer protection statues in their marketing and sale of toning shoes. If you purchased a pair after December 1st, 2008, you may be entitled to a proposed settlement, with details on this site.

Unlike some of the other settlements I’ve written about, this one has not even be approved (or even received preliminary approval)., but it’s likely to be approved. As is everything involving law, lawyers, and courts, this one will take a while.

The eligible shoes are:

  • Shape-ups: Shape-ups rocker bottom shoes – $40 – $80
  • Resistance Runners: Resistance Runner rocker bottom shoes – $42 – $80
  • Podded Sole Shoes: Shape-ups Toners/Trainers and Tone-ups with podded outsoles – $27 – $50
  • Non-Podded Sole: Tone-ups non-podded sandals, boots, clogs, trainers – $20 – $40

The numbers are preliminary and will depend a lot on how many claims are filed. The first number is the initial amount, so $40 for Shape-ups, and the second number is the maximum amount you would receive, so $80 for Shape-ups. If the number of claims exceeds the funds available, every claim will be decreased on a pro rata basis. If there are fewer claims than expected, then they could be increased up to the maximum.

To make a claim, go to the online claim website and enter in your information. The website is not asking for proof of purchase to validate your claims but if the total number of claims exceeds the total available funds, the settlement administrator may ask for proof of purchase. If you submit a claim that totals over $200, you will need to upload proof of purchase. As is the case with these claims, you are committing perjury if you make a false claim.

Since the settlement isn’t finalized yet, you could potentially buy a pair of shoes and submit a claim.

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27 Responses to “Sketchers Shape-up Lawsuit Settlement”

  1. daenyll says:

    it’s sad that so many truly believed that just by having the shoe they could get in shape. And shame on sketchers for taking advantage. If you’re not moving and exercising it doesn’t matter what you wear.

  2. Joe says:


    This lawsuit is without merit. Need more personal responsibility in the U.S. Why would you distribute info and present the opportunity to knowingly deceive the legal system by buying shoes now, knowing that they don’t work and asking for money because we were “harmed”.

    This can’t be good for the country. We need more “we” and less “me”. I am not a socialist, communist, etc. My life is great and I am thankful to live in a great country.

  3. Joannie says:

    These shoes may not turn anyone into a fashion model. But, they sure have helped my back pain. Before I bought these shoes I couldn’t walk on concrete for more than 5 minutes without doubling over in pain. Now, if I’m having any back pain, I wear them a few hours and I’m good for a couple weeks to several months. I think this is a BS lawsuit just for lawyers to make a bunch of money and put a company out of business.

  4. Kay says:

    Does anyone know if this extends to “Trim Steps” that had the same claims on them by Sketchers?


  5. Wilma says:

    Absolutely LOVE my Sketchers rocker bottom toners. I knew they wouldn’t do anything to help me lose weight. I wanted them for the thick soles. I’m on concrete for 10 or more hours a day. My back was killing me. My ankles, knees and hips were killing me. Since wearing these shoes I no longer have restless legs at night and my feet don’t swell up any more. These shoes are life savers. Those of us who spend long hours on our feet on concrete floors are grateful for Sketchers. Worth every penny. Guess I’ll have to run out and buy up whatever is left because once again a law suit removes another product or service from the responsible consumer.

    • Debbie says:

      I bought them for the exact same reason. I waitress on concrete floors and need the extra padding to cushion my steps. I no longer have leg and foot cramps. I LOVE them!

    • Donna G says:

      I love my shoes I hope I can keep getting them for work every thing you said is so true I love my shoes too

  6. Civic says:

    Some people is fine and like it and some people have problems with the Shape-ups rocker bottom shoes. Whys that?

    Does it only works for the people that has problem to start off with?
    but the normal person doesnt stands that long period of time are not good for them to use…

  7. Barbara says:

    I bought a pair a few years ago when they came out saying that they would tone your legs and your behind. I paid 109.00 for the pair that I bought and I remember asking the clerk or they going to make my butt look like a twentyfive year old butt? When I put them on I lost my balance. Never could walk very far in them.

    • brandilynn says:

      i bought the shape ups because i love sketchers n was dying to try them…….i love them absolutely LOVE my shape ups…. i hope they dont disapear n i say they work cause i do alot of walking running ect. n i wear them every day n i have to admit they helped my butt and legs im so glad i bought these i didd have trouble at first keeping my balance n all n they did make my legs n butt sore but it passed i got better balance n my legs never looked so good i cant wait to buy another pair

  8. Norwegianbear says:

    The rocker sole used in Sketcher shoes was originally developed for people who had limited motion in their toes. It is a medical concept intended to protect arthritic toe joints that hurt when the foot bends. Natural motion is best, and to stabilize your feet, look up Morton’s Foot Syndrome to find out why most people are unstable and have poor posture. There is an easy fix for it that takes care of foot, knee’ hip and back pain. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on special shoes and orthotics.

  9. pml says:

    I have a pair of sketchers shapeup fitness that i bought in 09′. I didn’t wear them very often until recently when i start trying to lose weight. THEY KILL MY ANKLES!! I never had this problem wearing them occasionally but when i started walking the track i did.

  10. Anonymous says:

    soif there has been a settlement where is my money?

  11. ANITA ROBERTS says:


  12. shiatteandra says:

    i bought numerous pairs-8 plus and was told since i did not break a bone or physically injure myself-i would not receive and payment returns–my knees went from bad to worse until i finally decided not to wear these shoes anymore-i am a nurse and walking affects my ability to work-be reassured sketchers-i will never buy any-and i mean any-sketchers brand shoes in my life–you have been very unfair to your loyal customers-i have worn regular sketchers for years but no more-you are only concerned about $ and not people-feel you are very uncaring

  13. sandra hiatte says:

    shame on u-i have been a loyal customer for years-bt things-$ is ur root of evilelieved ur hype in regard to shape-ups-work as a nurse-wore day after days until knees really started to go bad-now-no rebate/refund–a loyal customer — no more-i am very sad for ur uncaring attitude and unkindness to ur loyal customers-like mos

  14. sandra hiatte says:

    no more sketchers for me-no refund or rebate for the 8 plus pairs of shape ups i bought-u r not treating loyal customers well

  15. Eva says:

    Has anyone received a refund for there shoes? Have 3 pairs of shape ups that are sitting in the closet that are not being wore.

  16. Nancy Reese says:

    I filled out the form online for 3 pairs of shape ups that I purchased, but have never heard anything since. Has anyone else filled out a form & received anything from it? I’d be curious to know if this is for real.

    • diana packard says:

      I ALSO FILED OUT ON LINE claim and have not heard any more about it also have bought 4 pair of toneups

  17. used them shapes and now my legs are so bad my knees go in and i now walk on the inside of my feet never use to

  18. Sheri says:

    I received the proposed settlement claim form in the mail which states on it that is must be submitted by no later than April 18, 2013 whether electronically or by mail so it sounds like it will be quite awhile before anybody gets a refund, if we even get one. I bought 1 pair of the Shapeup about 4 yrs ago and could never get use to them.

  19. Terri says:

    Wore them for my plantar faciatis and they felt great but ended up killing my ankles so had to quit wearing them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have walked in the sketchers and I went to a foot doctor, my toes atarted having cramps and started with my toes bending over the large toe . the doctor mentioned you hurt yourself,at that point I didn’t mention I started walking alot in the sketchers. feel the shoes started the issue of the pain in the toeand around that area.

  21. Tanya L. Anderson says:

    I bought 2 pairs of Sketcher’s but could not wear either pair. They Killed my knees. Well I just found out about the law-suit 3 days ago…an I am on the internet everyday. Now I find out that you had to file a claim by April 18, 2013. I honestly dont think that that is fair. I didnt even know a law-suit was going on. As like always…the Lawyers will get most of the money. I feel that this is Very Unfair.

  22. miguel muru says:

    I bought a pair at 125.00 dllrs and want my rebate how do i get my money back.

  23. Judy says:

    I bought 2 pairs of the Shapeup Tennis shoes for 120.00 each. I wore them to work and I thought because my whole body hurt it was working. I stopped. Then I used them a couple times and my buttocks were hurting me. I haven’t wore then since. I now have knee and hip soreness. I heard just this past year they had a suit going on. Now I get on line and they are stating if you didn’t put a claim in before April 18th 2013 we can’t even make a claim now. This is not right at all. If you bought them you should be refunded PERIOD!!!!!!!

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