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Skip Blockbuster, Netflix, Rent New Movies With Red Box

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Now, what trumps any of those three options is your local public library but usually the selection is limited to older movies (not the new releases) because that’s usually free (tax dollar supported, but incrementally free) and free is better than paying. But, barring an awesome library system where you get the newest releases…

Many of my friends have a Netflix account and there have been weeks we’re I’ve gone over their houses and the stacks of Netflix movies haven’t even been moved, let alone been watched. That’s the main knock against services like Blockbuster Online and Netflix, if you’re busy and don’t watch movies, then why pay $20 a month to basically hold onto the few movies that you do watch?

That’s me. I know that if I ever signed up for one of those services, and I’ve used their trials, I’d be just like my friends with stacks of movies that might get watched within a week or two of receiving them. Maybe. Do I really want to pay Netflix $4.99 to be able to hold onto one movie a month and borrow a maximum of 2 a month (that’s their latest promotion)? Of course not… not when I can hit up a Red Box vending machine, likely with a Red Box free day movie rental coupon code, and get the movie the day that I want to watch it. If I don’t have a code, it’s a whole dollar!

The only negative is that selection will vary (thought you can check online at so sometimes if you want a particular movie, you might not be able to get it but that’s hardly a huge price to pay to watch a movie for a buck.

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6 Responses to “Skip Blockbuster, Netflix, Rent New Movies With Red Box”

  1. dong says:

    I’m on the 4.99 plan, and find it about right. I think both Redbox and Netflix make money off the lack discipline in returning movies. I know I’d be worse off with Redbox than Netflix. As I see it 8 our 12 months I can use netflix to it’s full capacity, and the other 4 months I’ve wasted. So at 4.99 a month, it’s a pretty good deal for me still for what I want.

    With redbox, I’m gonna forget to return the DVD 4 out 12 months, and end owning a DVD I don’t really want fro 25.

    Again I wouldn’t do anything but the 4.99 plan at this stage. I’ve done the other plans when I less honest with my all discipline shortcomings.

  2. Golbguru says:

    There are a whole lot of Redbox-like options available now a days which basically come to $1 per movie (sometimes cheaper with coupons). I compiled some of them in a earlier post, here:

    Dong is right when he says that these folks make money out of lack of discipline. However, I have observed that I am less likely to be late with these “$1 a day” options than with the Blockbuster type (return anytime within the next three days) options….we are sort of rapidly getting used to the idea of returning movies immediately after we finish watching them.

  3. wanzman says:

    I get a kick out of the new blockbuster commericlals making fun of Netflix and basically saying it is horrible to have to mail a movie back and ACTUALLY have to wait a few days to get another movie…what do these people do who are actually pacing by the mailbox waiting for more movies? Get a job, hobby, anything!

    I had not heard of the 4.99 plan. That seems pretty neat. I have never used any of these services, but i do get irritated because everytime I try to go rent a movie they are all always checked out. I have quit going to blockbuster and I am having better luck with Hastings….not sure if they are a national place.

  4. Jesse says:

    I’m a big fan of Redbox…

    …and an even bigger fan of the promo codes.

    Nice call-out to the libraries though. The one by our place is like netflix — has all the new releases, you wait in the online…line for it, and they call you when it’s ready.

    You DO still have to pick it up. 🙂

  5. jpsfranks says:

    The only negative is that selection will vary

    Lack of selection is a huge deal-breaker in my book. The reason I use Netflix is that I can get pretty much any DVD that’s ever been released, not just the big-name new releases. I went to the Redbox page and it seems I actually scrolled through ALL of the movies they offer with a couple of clicks?

  6. Katrin says:

    The only problem I have with RedBox is that the movies are all mainstream movies. There are no foreign movies or independent movies. Netflix has a great variety of movies in all categories & you can share your opinions with your friends & have recommendations for/from them. You can also rate the movies you have seen and look at the suggestions that the software kicks out for you based on the movies you liked and disliked. 🙂 But I do agree w/ you, especially being a TV addict like me… some months you might not see as many movies, but I guess, like w/ many things now days, you are paying for convenience.

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