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We Can’t All Be Slash: 6 Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

Famed Guns N’ Roses (and Velvet Revolver) rock guitarist Slash is auctioning off a ton of personal items [3] in March. He is using Julien’s Auctions [4] to sell his stuff, and it is possible to bid online. The sale doesn’t start until March 26, but you can still look through the items owned by this electric guitar virtuoso. Some of the items up for sale include Slash’s Corvette, his lighter collection, guitars (of course), top hats (also of course) and even toy dinosaurs. There is also the opportunity to bid on clothing, including his outfit from the Super Bowl XLV [5]. (Slash’s appearance was arguably the best thing about the Halftime Show.)

While your stuff probably won’t be as cool as Slash’s, it is still possible to make some money selling online. Here are 6 ways to sell your items over the Internet:

1. Craigslist

You probably already know that Craigslist [6] is a great place to sell your items. You can find local people to come pick up your items, providing you with a way to avoid paying shipping costs. Plus when you do sell locally, there’s something to be said for having the cash in your hand before you provide the item.

2. eBay and Other Online Auction Sites

Yes, you can still sell your things on eBay. The nice thing about eBay [7] is that it’s easy to arrange payment if you accept PayPal. It usually makes everyone happy, it’s a simple set up, and there are some protections for buyer and seller built in. There are smaller alternatives to eBay (some of them with lower fees) but when it comes to speed and number of buyers, eBay is king of the mountain.

3. Amazon

Amazon isn’t just know for books anymore. Indeed, there is a fight brewing between Amazon and Wal-Mart, and it appears that Amazon could very well overtake Wal-Mart as the #1 retailer in the world. The cool thing about Amazon is that you can get in on that. You can actually sell your stuff using Amazon, whether it’s used or new.

4. Etsy

If you are into crafts, you can take advantage of web sites like Etsy [8] that help you sell what you make. There are other craft sites, like Handmade Catalog [9], that provide an easy place for you to sell your stuff.

5. Local Classifieds Online

There are a number of local Classified web sites all over the country. From college campus based sites to online ad sites run by local news media outlets, it is possible to sell your stuff locally. Indeed, KSL, a Salt Lake City, UT based media web site, features one of the best local Classified sites. It’s a great way to sell things fast. Check around locally; you might be surprised at what you can accomplish online.

6. Social Networks

You can also look for buyers via social networking. Put the word out among your friends on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other sites. You can also use applications like the Buy.com Garage Sale [10] for Facebook to find potential buyers. A virtual yard sale may not be such a bad idea. You might be able to find someone in your network (or their network) who wants what you’re selling.

Where else can you think of to sell stuff online?