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Snag Post-Holiday Goodies Cheap!

I love the week after Christmas but before New Years because the sales are all going to be bananas, especially this year. Stores realize that all their holiday inventory isn’t even worth the shipping costs of sending it back to the warehouse. That fact is the very reason why you should go out to your local bookstore to pick up boxes of seasons greetings cards and other decorations on the cheap.

The key to getting a good on anything is to buy it when retailers want to get rid of it. Right now, they want to shed their inventory of holiday themed products. There is absolutely no value in holiday cards and lights right now! Last year we walked into a bookstore and picked up boxes of holiday cards for a dollar a piece. We didn’t need Christmas cards, the store was looking to offload them, so we bought a bunch of cute cards that normally would’ve cost us at least five times more. The best part about it is that this year we’re almost guaranteed not to send the same card as someone else. 🙂

In years past, we’ve always used this time to supplement our ornament collection. The first year we had a tree, we didn’t have many ornaments but we made it work with more lights. Then, right after Christmas, we headed towards our local Macy’s and picked up a bunch of boxes on deep discount. Nowadays, we get a lot of ornaments from our family, so it’s not something we’ll be doing this year, but now is a great time to pick up boxes of simple ornaments on the cheap.

In addition to holiday themed goods, retailers are, in general, offering crazy sales to try to drum up business. While the holiday retail sales figures aren’t released yet, stores probably expect them to be low given the economy and the huge snowstorm that hit the east two weekends ago. With that hanging over their heads, they’re cutting prices and trying to get people out to the stores to spend. If there are things you wanted, now’s the time to try to snag them on the cheap (except for appliances, you should find out your state’s cash for appliances program [3] schedule!)

Anyone pick up any good post-holiday goodies already?

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