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So What? by Mark Magnacca

Posted By Jim On 11/19/2009 @ 2:02 pm In Reviews | 3 Comments

A publisher sent me So What? by Mark Magnacca [3] a few weeks ago and it sat on my shelves because I wasn’t sure how it fit Bargaineering – until today. So What? is a book about how to change your mindset so that you become a more effective communicator and salesperson. Mark Magnacca is a 15+ year veteran of the management consulting world and president of Insight Development Group, described as a “leading sales training, coaching, and consulting company that helps sales and management teams become more effective.”

Published by the Financial Times Press, So What? is relevant, especially today, because when you are a salesperson whenever you’re interviewing for a job. You’re a salesperson whenever you interact with anyone and increase your network. So What?’s core idea is that whenever you are communicating with someone else, you have to always be thinking that the other person is wondering… “So what?”

Specifically, you have to put the needs of your audience before your own.

When you’re sitting in an interview and the interviewer starts asking you questions, like some of these common interview questions [4], you have to structure your answer so that you preempt the “So What” question.

The book isn’t particularly long, about a 130 pages, and it’s full of examples of the otherwise nebulous “So What” question including a few colorful quotes from well known executives. I enjoyed flipping through it, Magnacca has a very conversational tone, and if you can get your hands on it I recommend taking a look. (you win a copy in the Bargaineering Store [5] until 11/25/09)

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