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Some Light Weekend Reading

If you’re in the Northeast like me, get ready for a nice sprinkling of snow [3]. My area near Baltimore, MD is expected to get 4-6 inches of the white stuff so look for me making snow forts and starting snowball fights Saturday afternoon.

As for some light weekend reading, ConsumerismCommentary talks about some hot topics in the personal finance world such as pfblogs.org [4] (my take [5]) and zillow [6] (my take [7]).

FiveCentNickel recaps the some top tax scams in a three part series (part 1 [8], part 2 [9], and part 3 [10]).

JLP had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Clements who is a personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal (very cool!) and offers the first [11] and second [12] parts of that interview for you all to enjoy. Also, he was mentioned this week on MarketWatch [13], congrats again my friend!

Finally, FMF discusses the real retirement secret [14] (it’s a doozy) as well as two of the top ten jobs according to CareerBuilder (job 1 [15] and job 2 [16]).