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Someone Else Won the Irish/English Sweepstakes Too!

Imagine the chances that TWO people would win the SAME Irish/English Sweepstakes [3]! I was emailed by one of my readers who responded to the original email because she couldn’t imagine her good fortune and I thought it would be fun if we posted the response of the lottery folks to see what we would need to provide (and to whom) to get our money!

(of course, we’ve removed his/her name to protect her anonymity and her cash!)

FROM: awardclaimoffice1@yahoo.com
ATTENTION: [Name removed]

I am Michael Carter the fiduciary agent assigned to your case. I wish to Congratulate on your victory, you are a lucky person to have won this lottery. Your email address is amongst those chosen this quarter from our new java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web from which winners are selected. You are required to forward the following details to help facilitate the processing of your claims and certificate which will facilitate the release of your winnings.

Ha! Java-based software indeed! I’m sure it was used to harvest email addresses off webpages and randomly selected them all to receive the email. But, maybe I’m being cynical… let us see what we need to provide to “facilitate the release of [my/our] winnings.”

1. Full names.
2. Phone number.
3. Fax number.
4. Occupation.
5. Sex.
6. Age.
7. Nationality.
8. Complete mailing Address
You are advised to forward this information as soon as possible to enable us attend to your winnings. Please note that your payment would be handed over to our correspondent bank and your information will be forwarded to them they would be in charge of paying you your winnings. Our firm has been contracted to handle payments on your behalf, once we confirm your information, your payments would be processed and forwarded to the correspondent bank who would in turn open communication with you in regards to how you would receive your winnings payment,if you want you can be invited to come and sign for your funds.

As soon as possible! Do it now! It’s surprising they need all that information just to send me my check…

Everything was done in such a way that our payments mode would meet the standards set by the Lottery boards. We have also gone as far as to invite an accounting firm to over see the payments process. After you have sent down these information, a certificate will be prepared for you. This is to be your proof of winning from this office to the payment center before they release your funds. Be advised that your winnings would be paid to you in installments of 100,000.00pds {One Hundred Thousand United British pounds Sterling}. This is done because of the amount won by you. This money would be paid to you on instalmental basis via the security/courier company. You are advised to keep your winning numbers secret to avoid unscrupulous elements from taking advantage of the situation.

Once again, congratulations.
Michael Carter

How kind of Michael and the lottery group to ensure my safety by complying with their Lottery boards and inviting an unnamed accounting firm to oversee the process! It is very nice of them to advice me to keep my numbers a secret to avoid unscrupulous elements!

What’s even better is our reader’s response:

Dear Michael – I am in prison for the mentally insane. I keep telling them I am OK. But they don’t believe me! This money should help me break free finally! Can you set up an off shore account like in the Cayman Islands and let me know the account number? Then maybe with the money and your help we can hire some really good people to come here and break me out. You can be my friend can’t you? I need somebody I can trust. You can trust people with money, right? My husband was not a very nice man. He TOOK my money! (They haven’t found him yet, but it will be our secret, OK?) Let me know as soon as you can.

I wonder what the response will be… I can’t wait. 🙂