Sony PlayStation 3 – $499 and $599

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Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 will come in two flavors: expensive and more expensive on November 17th this year. A PS3 with a 20gb hard drive will cost $499 and one with a 60gb hard drive (and some more features) will run $599. The only real significant differences, other than the hard drive, are that the $499 version will not have 802.11 b/g wireless capability or a high definition HDMI output.

So money conscious gamers out there, are you going to line up for a PS3 or is this rig just too expensive?

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8 Responses to “Sony PlayStation 3 – $499 and $599”

  1. PS3 is going to be huge. Gamers are more than willing to fork over the dough. The question remains what type of games are going to be available when it first comes out. If they have a few great games coming out, then demand is sure to pick up considerably. The hardware is going to be great, but I’m more curious about the games. They are also doing a worldwide launch, something they’ve picked up from MSFT. This is the first time they’ve done that.

  2. King Asa says:

    There’s no way I would ever pay $600 for a PS3. If PS3 turns out to be better than an Xbox 360, then maybe I’ll buy the less expensive package, but with the Nintendo Wii looking to be priced at $250 it looks like a much more attractive option… plus the new controller concept is kind of cool.

  3. EN says:

    Wow, $600? When did these things stop becoming kids toys and turn into (very expensive) grown up toys? I remember saving up for my NES by mowing lawns for a summer. No way a kid could do that now.

    I think if you spend $600 on a game system, you might forfeit your rights to complain about gas being $3.00 a gallon or movie ticket prices.

    Aren’t these things obsolete in 5 years? Thats $120 a year just for the system. Sony should just go the route of cell phones and offer a subscription plan. You sign on for a 5 year plan for $60 a month. You “buy” the hardware for about $300. Your monthly fee gets you a free game per month (or game download?). You can buy whatever other games you want and there are tons of monthly fee/addons for people to buy just like cell phones.

    I’m sure Sony will do well. People like playing games and America likes spending money.

  4. Shaun Carter says:

    This should really heat up the war between Microsoft and Sony. I wonder what consumers will decide – price or power?

  5. Everysec says:

    $500-$600 _is_ pretty expensive (even more so in Euro over in my part of the world) but it’s still going to be by far the cheapest Blu-Ray disc player around for quite a while. At that price, Sony are heavily subsidising it in order to build market share. Think I’m definitely going to be tempted by the deluxe version.

  6. wujimon says:

    I also feel this is *very expensive*, however if you consider the PS3 as a media center that can network with your computers and play High Definition DVDs, then it kinda changes the outlook a bit. Looks like a tempting convergence device, however still very expensive in my book.

  7. jim says:

    I supposed if you were going to get yourself a HD DVD player then perhaps you could justify the price tag, but what about all the people who honestly don’t care about HD DVDs? The early adopters who are going to want a media center already built themselves one and everyone else is using DVR.

    And it’ll be hard (that’s a lot of lemonade) for a kid to save up enough money to get one of these…

  8. CrazelatinoNYC says:

    $600.00! BTW, don’t forget the tax and extra controller ($750.00!!) , and also the first game ($810.00!!) I’m lost, is this a computer or something? I never thought of paying this much just to play video games. If I want a blue ray player, then I’ll buy one when i feel its time to buy one. As far as playing video games, i grew up with the NES (my parents bought one of the first 50,000 that were released in the NYC area only) As soon as the PS3 price was announced, i decided to buy an XBOX 360. No regrets and a $300.00 savings. Sorry Sony (BTW, I bought the original Playstation when it launched @ $375.00, not worth it!)

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