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Sprint “Dropped Call Credit” Ninjas Get Axed

When I heard that Spring was canceling the accounts of folks who constantly called customer service, I thought it was just another boneheaded company doing another boneheaded thing. Well it turns out that this was because those account holders were calling up and scamming Spring for hundreds if not thousands of dollars [3] according to an insider who spoke to the Consumerist.

Back in the day, when I was in college, I used to call up Sprint when I was bored (in the car, waiting in line) for the lucrative “dropped call credit” refund. Basically you just called in, talked to the automated CSR and said “dropped call credit.” Your account would be refunded whatever it cost for the average call, I forget the amount, but you’d be limited to X number a day or billing period or something. Yeah it was unethical and something I wouldn’t do now, but not illegal. Well, after a while that adds up, but it doesn’t come close to the numbers the insider was quoting. People had balances of thousands and hadn’t paid a bill in years? That’s pretty ridiculous.

What’s even better was that those account holders with thousands in credits were asking for a check!