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State by State Comparison of Federal Spending

The Tax Foundation put out a report in which they measure how much each state pays out in taxes and how much they received in federal dollars for fiscal year 2004. Residents of New Jersey got the big shaft in 2004, getting only 55 cents in federal money back per dollar of tax paid while residents of New Mexico got a return of $2 in aid per $1 sent to Washington on April 15th. CNN Money has a good writeup about it and why NJ only appears to get the shaft (there are a lot of higher income people in NJ than, say, New Mexico) and how it may be skewed because of some assumptions the foundation makes.

Maryland ranks 15th, getting $1.44 per $1 in tax; so we’re in pretty good shape! Actually, I’d take the numbers and the list with a grain of salt because it’s hard to calculate some of these things. One of the values added to the federal spending side is money paid to federal employees and with Maryland in such close proximity to DC, it’s surprising Maryland isn’t higher. Also, the article does make mention of how the government spends more than it receives so the foundation had to do some math magic to make that reconcile. Don’t get bent out of shape if you’re in New Jersey. 🙂

via CNN Money [3], actual entire list at Tax Foundation [4].