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State Healthcare Rankings Released

A nonprofit organization called the Commonwealth Fund released a study in which they ranked the various states (plus Washington DC) on how good their healthcare system was. Hawaii ranked first and Mississippi and Oklahoma came in tied for dead last; they also concluded that if every state could reach the mortality rates of Hawaiians, there would be 90,000 fewer deaths each year. I personally think that if I lived in Hawaiian, I’d probably live longer too because it’s freaking nice out there.

All kidding aside, the study looked at 32 factors ranging from percentage insured to number of adults who receive preventative care; even in the best states, the performance fell “far short of optimal standards.”

Maryland came in 19th with an average rank of 24.4, 16.6 behind the leader Hawaii with an average rank of 7.8. My state of birth, New York, came in 22nd with an average rank of 25, only 17.2 behind the pace. Poor Mississipi and Oklahoma scored an average rank of 47.8, a whopping 40 off the leader. A huge chunk of states fell within the 22 to 32 range, so there isn’t much of a difference with a lot of the states in terms of average.

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