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State of the High Yield Online Savings Account

I’ve recently been getting a lot of emails asking what I recommend for folks looking to open a high yield savings account [3] and, having not kept up to date with the APYs, I didn’t really have much advice other than that they should take advantage of the ING Direct new account referral bonus [4] and then select either FNBO Direct [5] or E*Trade [6] for their main online savings account. (which actually turns out to be good advice)

Until recently, there were a couple folks in the high yield category, including Citi e-Savings, Emigrant Direct, and HSBC. However, just a few days ago the Citi e-Savings dropped their yield down to 4.75% so they are no longer in line with the leaders of the back (I define inline as within a tenth of a percent or so). Unfortunately, ING Direct hasn’t tried to keep up and Emigrant and HSBC are the current leaders in the clubhouse.

Now, HSBC recently announced that they’d offer a promotional interest rate of 6% for new funds until the end of April, giving you a little less than three months of interest earnings – not enough incentive for folks with existing accounts (you lose yield by moving the funds around because of the lag) but it’s a good reason for people without accounts to open one and put their funds there (assuming it will fall back to the 5.05%).

So, in a nutshell, here are where the major (in my mind) online savings accounts stand in terms of interest yield:

ING Direct & Virtual Bank Referral Bonuses:
If you know someone who has an existing ING Direct or Virtual Bank account (I have both, please email me [7] if you want a referral or go to the self-serve ING Direct $25 Promotion page [4]), they can send you a new account referral and you can earn money for signing up. For ING, you’ll need to deposit $250 and you can get a quick $25 (the referrer gets $10). For Virtual Bank, I’m not sure what the minimum is but you get $20 for signing up (so does the referrer). Once you have an account, you can refer up to 25 people for ING and 50 for Virtual Bank.

Caveats to Online Savings Accounts:
With the high yields come some inconveniences that are consistent with savings accounts but that you may not be familiar with because of how you use savings accounts. For example, there is an FDIC limit of six transfers [8] to and from any one particular savings account (reasons are in the linked post) and there is generally a nearly one week lag for moving funds. The one week lag is because the savings account generally doesn’t having an associated checking account, like you would normally, and so in order to access the funds you’d need to ACH it to another account – that ACH process can take five business days. A workaround is if you have a Citi e-Savings account because you can link it to a regular checking account and the transfer would be internal to Citi and immediate. So, with the higher rates, you have to suffer some inconveniences – it’s not as bad as a certificate of deposit though!

If you want to stay current, I recommend visiting Bank Deals [9], they do a great job getting the latest and greatest info out to you and they also do a weekly summary that has this sort of information, but in greater detail, which is linked to from their sidebar under Weekly Bank Deals Summary.