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States With The Lowest Taxes, 2007 Edition

Once again the Tax Foundation did their annual survey of state taxes (income, real estate, etc.) and determined that, once again, Alaskans pay the least amount in taxes as a percentage of income – a mere 6.6% for the seventeenth year in a row. None of the other top five even break 8% (second lowest is New Hampshire, with 8% on the nose) which is tiny compared to the top five which are all over 12.4%.

Low Five

  • Alaska – 6.6%
  • New Hampshire – 8.0%
  • Tennessee – 8.5%
  • Delaware – 8.8%
  • Alabama – 8.8%
High Five

  • Vermont – 14.1%
  • Maine – 14.0%
  • New York – 13.8%
  • Rhode Island – 12.7%
  • Ohio – 12.4%

So, how did they reach that number? They calculated what that state’s residents pay in state and local income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, luxury taxes, fuel taxes and any other tax in the state. Did you know Alaskans don’t pay income or state taxes? Yeah, I bet that helps lower the tax burden. They also get refunds from the government because of the oil revenue too. Yep, that helps the burden too.

Here’s the full list of states [3], my fair state of Maryland came in 23rd with a burden of 10.8%.