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Status Symbols and Keeping Up With the Joneses is Stupid

I don’t know the premise behind chartreuse (BETA) but I do know that dude (prince campbell) behind it is entertaining to read, has lots of pictures, and one of my favorite feeds in my Bloglines feeds. Anyway, today I read a post called An Open Letter To Those Born After 1982 (Or The One Thing Your Parents Got Right) [3] and in it he says:

You are not your [f’ing] khakis.

Your mom made money so she could move you to a better neighborhood and buy a SUV. But take a look around.

Status symbols are bullshit.

You are not your zipcode.

You are not the car your stepdad drives.

Everybody can afford everything anyway. Poor kids in the projects are sporting Lexus’ and Vendi. If your judging yourself by the stuff you got you are sure to get [f’d].

If that’s not one great reason why status symbols and the whole concept of keeping up with the Joneses is stupid, I don’t know what is. The whole premise behind status symbols is that they prove to the world that you’re something you’re not. You buy a flashy expensive car and get a trophy boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband to show you have money… but all you need is a handful of credit cards to get some of those things. Want Coach and LV purses? Just swipe it.

You can be up to your eyeballs in debt and still look filthy filthy rich… so what value is it in paying out all that money for the symbols if they no longer indicate you have the status? Enjoy your weekend!