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Stealing Is Stupid

There are many things in life that are stupid and this ranks pretty high up there in terms of bonehead things to do. Claude Allen, a former domestic policy adviser to President Bush, allegedly returned about $5,000 worth of stuff to Target and other stores that he never actually bought. Allen resigned last month from a $161,000 White House job in order to “spend more time with the family.”

What Allen would do was buy something, drop it off in his car, go back into the store, pick up the same item and return it. He’s charged with theft and theft scheme over $500, each carrying a potential prison sentence of FIFTEEN YEARS.

Stealing $5,000 worth of stuff when you make $161,000 as a pretty prominent adviser to the President of the United States is like someone making $50,000 bilking target out of $1,500. Would you be willing to go to jail for 30 years for a measly $1,500 (or $5,000 even)? It’s preposterous.

I used to know a co-worker who would buy DVDs from Best Buy and return them at Circuit City for the $20 difference in store credit. All that driving, deceit and fraud for $20 in store credit. Simply amazing.

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