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Your Take: The Stock Market Game

My friend Scott (you may remember him from those times I mentioned his charity bar tour Ghent Bar Tours [3]) sent me this story about how the stock market game is a bad bad game [4]… and I agree.

The stock market game, if you’ve never played it as a kid, was a national competition where teams were given $100,000 in play money to “invest” in companies. The goal is to help teach students how to invest, how to research companies, etc.

The real end result is that you learn how Wall Street really works… in order to get the greatest gains in 10 weeks (or however long), you need to find good companies that explode in value. These companies are probably going to be tiny, penny stock types, and you go all in on the hopes they double or triple on a whim.

I like the idea of these games but I agree with Chuck Jaffe, the lessons you actually learn are the wrong ones.

Did you ever play this game? What did you think about it?

(photo: sathellite [5])