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Stop Watching Market News, Start Watching LOLCATS

I know this is a personal finance blog and I typically talk about money related subjects like investing (ugh), frugality, budgeting, etc. But let’s be honest, the financial news has been bleak. Bleaker than bleak. The stock market is hurting bad, retail is down with talk of a horrible retail holiday season, the commercial paper market is all but seized, international stock markets are crashing, and pretty much everything related to money sucks. I’ll continue to contribute towards my retirement funds, I won’t pull everything out in a panic, but what that means is that there’s nothing I can or should do in reaction to the turmoil.

So, what should you do instead? If you have to be online, visit some fun websites:
Failblog.org [3] and I Can Has Cheezburger [4] are both wonderful sites. Failblog is a look at the epic fails of the internet and I Can Has Cheezburger is a photoblog collection of lolcats (my 404 page [5] has a picture of a lolcat, how cuuuuute). If you have no idea what those are, visit the sites and enjoy the fun!

Another great site is Funny or Die [6], a funny video website started by a few guys you might know. 🙂 Here’s a hilarious video involving Will Farrell and his “landlord:”

Or, if humor isn’t for you, just want some television. Hulu [7], a partnership between NBC and News Corporation, is a great place to watch full episodes online. That’s how I watched Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, and other wonderful television programs that made me laugh.

If you can’t or shouldn’t do anything about your investments, don’t bother fretting over it. For decades the stock market worked perfectly fine with regular people just checking stock prices in the morning paper. Go check out those lolcats. 🙂