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Student Loans In Deferment until 2012!

One of the side benefits of taking employer-reimbursed graduate courses (other than a free education) is that my $24k or so in student loans are deferred until I complete school, even when the net cost of the courses will be negligible. I didn’t even need to do anything to get them put into deferment; ACS found out by themselves and actually caught me off guard. They put the loans in deferment until my scheduled graduation date in 2012 (hopefully it won’t take me seven years but that’s the limit at Johns Hopkins).

While in deferment [3], the government will cover the interest payments but I can continue to pay off the principal without penalty and without surrendering the deferment status. It’s a double bonus – not only do I get a “free” education but I also get to avoid interest on the loans. You don’t need another reason to go back to school!