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Student raises $1,000 to take burrito skydiving

A design student from Chicago recently launched a fairly ridiculous Kickstarter campaign [3]: He wanted to buy a burrito and graph its “deliciousness.”

With an original funding goal of $8, Noboru Bitoy has blown that target out of the water. As of this post, he’s raised a whopping $1,050, all based on this simple promise:

Bitoy is hardly the source of “derp” in this story; it’s most definitely the 258 donors who have backed his campaign. Although, to be fair, those who donate $10 are given a sticker, and those who pledge $25 or more get a T-shirt, too.

If anything, Bitoy might just be a Kickstarter genius. He mentions that he’s in no way affiliated with Chipotle. However, after this, they may consider recruiting him for marketing.

The minimum pledge amount on Bitoy’s campaign is $1, and for that amount, he promised to graph the deliciousness of his burrito, and then send “a completed version of the Deliciousness Graphic in a .PDF file.”

Because accountability is important [4] on Kickstater, Bitoy made sure to list the risks and challenges, which include an order mix-up and his own inability to successfully consume the burrito.

“I might drop the burrito on the floor,” he wrote.

Despite the risks, in less than 24 hours of launching the campaign, Bitoy made it to “400% funding.” Living up to his promise, he headed to his local Chipotle, recorded himself eating the burrito and then declared:

“On a scale of ‘no’ to ‘wow,’ I give it a ‘yum.'”

Because of all of the monetary support he received, Bitoy decided to take the campaign up a notch. He explained in a video post:

When that goal was reached, Bitoy decided to take things up another notch.

The quote, “There’s a sucker born every minute” comes to mind here. But, I don’t know, people love curiosities. Maybe Bitoy’s supporters appreciate his creativity. Or maybe a good laugh is worth a buck.

What do you think? Is this completely ridiculous, or ridiculously amusing? Would you donate a dollar to this campaign?