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Your Take: Study Shows Materialism & Security Linked

There’s an intriguing study [3] out of the University of New Hampshire that shows a relationship between how secure you feel and how you value possessions. People with heightened feelings of interpersonal feelings, which is defined by a sense of being loved and accepted by others, seem to value their possessions less than those who don’t have those same feelings. Professor Edward Lemay, an assistant professor of psychology, and his team discovered that “people who did not feel secure placed a value on an item that was five times greater than the value placed on the same item by more secure people.”

“People value possessions, in part, because they afford a sense of protection, insurance, and comfort,” Lemay says. “But what we found was that if people already have a feeling of being loved and accepted by others, which also can provide a sense of protection, insurance, and comfort, those possessions decrease in value.”

The researchers theorize that the study results could be used to help people with hoarding disorders

Having seen a few minutes of TV shows about hoarders and reading news stories about their obsessions, I’m not surprised that this link may exist. All of the stories I’ve read or seen have painted hoarders as solitary individuals with limited social contact with others, which is usually the result of a psychological disorder.

What do you think?