Kids and Money: Summer Job Ideas for Kids Under 16

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Lemonade StandThe school year is drawing to a rapid close. For many of us, that means trying to figure out what our kids will do all summer. If you want your kids to learn a life lesson, and make some money in the process, you might encourage them to get a summer job.

A summer job is a great way for kids to learn the value of hard work, as well as get some practical experience with money management. A summer job offers your children a chance to go beyond allowance and earn their own money. You can use this as a chance to teach them valuable financial skills, and help them put into practice such time-honored money moves as saving, wise spending and even investing. Here are some ideas for summer jobs for kids:

Young Children

Even young children like the idea of making money on their own. My son gets an allowance, but it’s not really doing it for him as an 8-year-old. He has suggested that we start paying him for chores, but that’s not something we’re into. (Whether or not to pay children for household chores is a debate for another day.) In order to earn extra money, he is thinking of things he can do. A classic, of course, is the lemonade and cookie stand.

However, even young children can be paid to run errands and do odd jobs. If there are those in the neighborhood looking for help clearing brush, or getting rid of rocks, this can be a worthwhile opportunity for young kids. There are kids in our neighborhood who sell iris bulbs from their flower garden each year.

My son also enjoys doing 4-H projects. He receives ribbon money for his displays. This year, he’s looking forward to sewing and model rocketry. And, as a lifetime 4-Her, I have seen kids as young as six or seven showing lambs and other animals — and getting paid for them at auction. (I actually earned ribbon money all the way until I graduated from high school, although I never raised animals.)

Tweens and Young Teenagers

There is an age, about 10 – 15, that children begin to really wish that they could earn some money. However, until your child is 16, getting a traditional job flipping burgers, acting as a runner at the local law office or doing any number of other jobs just isn’t going to happen. But that doesn’t mean they can’t earn money. Some jobs that are available to children that are a little bit older include:

  • Lawn care
  • Dog walking
  • Pet sitting
  • Baby sitting

Siblings in my neighborhood have a flag service: For a yearly subscription, they will put flags out in front of your home on the appropriate holidays. It is also possible to sell your stuff, online or offline. Kids can go through their old toys, sporting equipment, video games and other items, and have a yard sale. Try to arrange a neighborhood yard sale, and all the kids in the neighborhood can get in on it. And, of course, you are never too young to be an online entrepreneur.

What other summer jobs are available for kids under 16?

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71 Responses to “Kids and Money: Summer Job Ideas for Kids Under 16”

  1. Need says:

    Really I need to make 681.94 my name is shajaka and I’m 9

  2. tamara says:

    i really want this job my name is tamara smith and i am 14 years old i will need to make around 5 or 6 hundred if thats alright thanks hope u get back to me .

  3. Desert says:

    i have 800 dollars but i want more i am super tight with money but i want to spend anyhelp

  4. shayla says:

    i need to make 500 to 600 bucks in a two weeks help please i need it like fast

  5. MayD. says:

    I am 11 and I need to get at least 300 bucks I want to babysit I took the training but my mom won’t let me babysit until I’m 13 I read ur suggestions and I wanna try them but I need more fast please help thanks!

  6. MayD. says:

    I might also suggest writing a play and acting it out with your friends u could sell tickets for the play — u can buy the tickets at any dollar store–
    I’m doing this too

  7. Kailie says:

    I need a short job baby sitting dog walking i dont care! I’m 11 in middle school and i need about $100.00! For a prom dress shoes bag and jewlery!! HELP! NEEDS JOB ASAP! thanks…

  8. Emily says:

    I need to make at least $300 for some music equipment for my band. I am 11 and I started walking dogs that gets me $20 a week but it’s still not enough… Any ideas for what I can do??? I am desperate!!!

  9. Emily says:

    I need to make at least $300 for some music equipment for my band. I am 11 and I started walking dogs that gets me $20 a week but it’s still not enough… Any ideas for what I can do??? I am desperate!!! I need to make the money in like a month! HURRY PLEASE!!!!!

  10. steav says:

    ill do anything fore money!!!!!! im 11 pleas help i do dog waking baby siting anything you got
    you wont be sorry i don’t give up im a hard worker in or out side oh and need at least 300$$$$$

  11. Mya says:

    Hi,I’m looking for a job to get a budget of $100.00 to $200 rufley…I’m ten years of age and would prefer a job in Pet sitting or babysitting I am great in both, I have experence.I am very hard at working and work untill the job gets done but not only that it gets done but that it gets done right the first time so you dont have to do it a secound time.Thank you.

  12. DeeAnna says:

    Hello im looking for a job when i get out of school i am 16 yrs old and im a junior in high school i would prefer a job of babysitting or pet sitting.I have much experience in both because i have animals and siblings and a child myself.So if you would please reply it will be appreciated.Thank you.

  13. Megan says:

    i need a job to get money but i dont know where to get one at the age of 14..can you please help me find one ..

  14. Jackson says:

    I need to make $800-$500 thats right $800,I’d like to do pet sitting i’m good with pets.

  15. Jack says:

    i need $650-$800,i can wash cars, meow lons,rake,pet sit and walk dogs. i am 11 and my name is Jack

  16. Anonymous says:

    i have just turned 10 and i could do with some money what do you think????

  17. Ciara says:

    Hello, my name is Ciara and i am willing to do anything with kids or pets. I am 14 years old and i hope to make $7 an hour. If you have any interest then get back to me. Thank you.

  18. James Searcy says:

    I am twelve and I want around fifty dollars a month.It is going towards college.Also I want to help out with the bills.I’ll do any job that includes pets.

    • bella says:

      I am just giving you some advice about getting some money. I am 13 and I make 18+ dollars a week taking care of pets and babysitting for my family and neighbors. if you make a flyer saying what services you offer and what you charge you will have a better chance at getting more $$$ just if your interested. weeding isn’t bad either and pays good.

  19. James Searcy says:

    Also I can wash cars.

  20. Katie says:

    I’m 10 and I’m looking for a job I do pet sitting best and I’m looking forward to volunteer.

  21. Makayla says:

    I’m 10, well almost 10, and i need at least 500$please help

  22. Amber says:

    I am looking for a way to earn money. I am eleven years old. I am good at petsitting and I excel in all subjects, so I will also tutor students in grades k-5. Please help! Thank you.

  23. Amber says:

    I live in Wylie, Texas and am willing to drive up to 30 miles in any direction

  24. Hervin says:

    i need extra money for the summer to pay back the library.please help and thank you

  25. UNKNOWN says:

    i am 10 i am trying my best to make money……

    • Anonymous says:

      My name is eve and i really need at least 2o bucks so my pet lizard wont die because I got him a tank It is to small and i will not fit his water bowl and i need I little cave for him to hide in and i also need some more sand to put in there before he dies any helpful advise if so please ANSWER back!!!!!! Thanks.

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