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Super Bowl Commercials: It’s All About the Money

The Super Bowl really is all about the money. Indeed, the Super Bowl seems to be a money maker for every one. Tickets to attend the Super Bowl — a single seat — cost between $2,400 and $23,730, according to Fox Business [3]. Parking costs money, and the ads cost money. Indeed, many of us (especially those of us not really rooting for either team) just watch for the commercials. And commercials cost a pretty penny as well. This year, a 30-second spot cost $3 million.

There were some spots that were related to finances, and I found those quite interesting. I was kind of disappointed at the lack of a Capital One commercial this year. Here are some of the money commercials from Super Bowl XLV:

Visa Never Miss A Super Bowl Club

Use your Visa credit card, and you could win a trip to the Super Bowl! There are a number of spots, featuring members of a club that goes to the Super Bowl every year. Can you imagine how much money they’ve spent, especially with ticket prices going up all the time?

Careerbuilder Parking Lot

Careerbuilder had some funny monkey commercials a couple years back. What do you do when you work with a bunch of monkeys? You find a new job! Or you start your own home business. In any case, I really enjoyed this ad about the frustrations of parking and commuting.

Cars.com Go First

When deciding on what car to buy (or any product for that matter), it is a good plan to shop around, and read reviews. This Cars.com commercial illustrated the idea of getting the best for your money with this fun commercial.

E*Trade Baby Tailor

In my mind, no Super Bowl is complete without a new E*Trade Baby commercial. I have yet to get tired of the little guy. They always do such funny things with him. The Tailor commercial was pretty decent, but I still like the time out commercials better, and my favorite is still the one about retirement and the Lottery.

Groupon Tibet

One of the most controversial commercials of the Super Bowl was this Groupon ad. Groupon is known for its social deals, in which you get discounts when large amounts of people buy the same thing. As you can see, you initially think that you are watching an inspiring ad, calling for help for the endangered Tibetan culture. But it turns out Timothy Hutton is just shilling for Groupon.

Chatter.com Halftime Will.i.am

If you have a business, you might be interested in Chatter.com. The Chatter.com commercial played just before the halftime show, which featured the Black Eyed Peas. Not my favorite commercial of the SuperBowl, but it did get the point across about the importance of connectivity in business.

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Everyone (the “experts” anyway) said that the Detroit commercial with Eminem was the best. But my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Bud Light Hack Job commercial. What really opens up a room and makes your kitchen better? Beer! Even though I don’t drink, I can’t get over the creativity that goes into beer commercials, especially Bud commercials.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?