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Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator

From Investopedia: “An indicator based on the belief that a Super Bowl win for a team from the old AFL (AFC division) foretells a decline in the stock market for the coming year, and that a win for a team from the old NFL (NFC division) means the stock market will be up for the year.”

This appears to be 85% correct over the “past few years.” The AFL only had ten teams in it before the merger in 1966 (Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals) and none of them are in the Super Bowl being played this weekend between the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) and the Seattle Seahawks (NFC).

So what does this mean? Nothing. It’s all hocus pocus. But if you want to read more about this then check out Snopes.com’s analysis [3].

rh mentioned in the comments that the Steelers were an original NFL team that moved to the AFC after the merger so if they won it would be good for the market (if you believe the indicator of course). So I’ll be I’m still cheering for the Stillers, even if it means a downturn in the stock market.