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Will You Be Surprised By Hidden Hotel Fees?

It seems straightforward. You book your hotel, and you see the cost per-night. You might even see that you will pay taxes, including state and local taxes, and possibly a room tax. What you might not see, though, are “resort fees” or other sneaky charges that some hotels are starting to add to their bills after you arrive. So you book, and when you arrive you see fees added to the bill. Most travelers are too tired to be bothered with looking elsewhere for accommodations once they get to this point, so they accept the charges.

Even though the FTC recently sent letters to some hotels [3], insisting that they begin revealing the total cost at booking, you still might not get the whole story when you reserve your hotel online. And, even though hotels might disclose their resort fees on their web sites, you might not see these fees if you are looking for a deal [4] by using a third-party booking site like Orbitz or Travelocity.

What Fees Might Be Charged?

Sometimes, the fees are just billed as “resort fees.” This doesn’t tell you much, especially if you are being charged resort fees when you are staying at a hotel that isn’t an all-inclusive result. However, here are some of the items that might be charged to you, either individually, or under the term “resort” fee:

Ask the hotel for an itemized list of the fees that they charge, and what they are for. Then, ask if you can avoid at least some of the fees.

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