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Five Surprising High Income Jobs

Many of us expect doctors and lawyers to make a high income. Some of us might even have heard about the high salaries pulled down by air traffic controllers. However, these aren’t the only high income jobs out there.

Salary.com lists a high income job as one that pays between $80,000 and $100,000 a year (there is another category for six-figure jobs). You might be surprised at how much some of the following jobs pay — even if you don’t have an advanced degree [3].

Here are 5 surprising high income jobs:

1. Casino Food Services

While you might clean up in tips if you are a good server, the jobs that really pay well in casino food services are those of executive chef and restaurant director. An executive chef or an executive pastry chef makes good money in a casino. After all, casinos are, in part, known for their good food — especially at the themed and high end casinos. A good restaurant director can also make a high income at the casino. You might not need an advanced degree, but you will need plenty of experience, and a flair for understanding the restaurant business and good food.

2. Installation and Maintenance Technician Manager

Anytime there is a “manager” after a job title, you can expect a little bit more money. This is true in the case of installation and maintenance technician manager. In many cases, you can become a manager, overseeing the installation and maintenance of telecom equipment, with a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience. If you can get on with a specific company, and manager their operations, you can do reasonably well.

3. Senior Web Editor

Forget about becoming the editor of a major newspaper. You can pull down more than $90,000 a year, according to Salary.com, if you have the position of senior web editor for a particular market. You will be expected to write, edit, proofread, and direct content for a web site or blog. If you understand the field, and you do a good job, you might even see bonuses. In many cases, you will need a knowledge of the field in question, as well as a bachelor’s degree and some experience.

4. Package Design Manager

Yes, this is a real job. Organizations need someone to design packaging, from the graphics that go on the package, to the way the package looks and feels overall. As a package design manager, you can be an integral part of an organization, and do something interesting while making a high income. You do need experience, though, and an eye for design. In some cases, you might also need a bachelor’s degree.

5. Major Gifts Manager

We sometimes hear stories of non-profit organizations paying their CEOs and directors big salaries, but we often don’t think about other jobs in the organization. However, if you work for a higher education institution, or for a charitable organization, you can make a high income as a major gifts manager. This is the person that tries to identify large donors, and convince them to contribute to the organization. You might not need a degree at all to excel in this area, but experience helps, and a knack for connecting with people is a must.

What other surprising jobs can you think of with high salaries?

(Photo: Phillie Casablanca [4])