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Surprising Six Figure Jobs

I was reading my Gmail when “Surprising Six Figure Jobs” appeared in that little blue area above the message control buttons… so I had to find out if those six figure jobs really did surprise me.

Some of the jobs listed have unreliable high hourly rates that Forbes just extrapolated into six figure jobs (sales persons, press men, tech writers) but aren’t necessarily what I’d consider six figure jobs, others really are legit six figgies. Anyway, I put the list below with some commentary… any of them surprise you?

They are:

  1. Court Reporter – But you’ll have to type 200+ words per minute… if you know me and how I type, I type at around 140. In order to be a court report you’ll have to type almost 50% faster.
  2. Professional Coach – 20% of the 10,000 professional friends make six figgies.
  3. Mine Manager – I’m not surprised at all that the median salary is $106,000, it’s a dangerous job working in mines. Kudos to them.
  4. Sales person – Okay, when your selling something on commission, of course you can make six figures but it’s not a guaranteed salary. I think this is a cop out answer by Forbes. Boo.
  5. Truck Driver – Hmmm… I looked up some sample pay rates of truck drivers and a few datapoints I saw were around 40 cents a mile. At forty cents a mile, it takes 250,000 miles a year to earn $100k. That’s 4800+ miles a week, or 686 miles a day. If you’re driving 65 mph (granted they go faster), that’s more than ten hours of driving each day… not to mention the number of hours of driving you’re permitted, in miles, is capped for safety reasons.
  6. Pressman – This refers to printing press operators who can make $32/hour… but $100k requires overtime.
  7. Tech Writer – Now you’re just talking crazy… $50/hour freelance writing is not a guaranteed $100k.
  8. Restaurant Manager – I buy it… but the hours are long and there are some uppity customers.
  9. Air Traffic Controller – I heard this before, that ATCs make a killing but that’s because it’s a high demand, high stress job. Forbes says that many will retire over the next 5 years and there should be many openings for people who can multitask 500 planes in the air at once.
  10. Elementary School Principal – I remember seeing a list of all the salaries of administrators and teachers at my high school once and noticing that the principals all made six figures, that’s not a bad situation to be in … esp when you’re add in the summer months off…