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Suze Orman Doesn’t Care About Money

I saw this article about Suze Orman [3] in which she admits she has about a million dollars in the stock market and has that much in there because she doesn’t care if she loses it all (she said that estimates that she was worth approximately $25M were “pretty close”).

She says she has about a million dollars in the stock exchange, because if she loses it all “I don’t personally care.”

Ignore the first three paragraph, they’re just gossip drivel where they mention that she has a female life partner and has never been with a man (as if that has any bearing on her credibility when it comes to personal finance advice, I have a female life partner, I’ve never been with a man, and you all still read my blog), but the last paragraph shows how ridiculous she is.

I don’t really like Suze Orman [4] because of her abrasive attitude, some like the “tell it like it is” attitude but I think she’s taking a page out of Judge Judy’s playbook (I’d rip my eyes out before I’d watch an episode of her show, not that I’m a fan of courtroom shows like that anyway…) to make her name. Either way, would and should you go to someone for advice if they were recklessly investing in the stock market because they wouldn’t “personally care” if they lost it all?