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About Suze Orman

In our brief profile of Robert Kiyosaki [3], I said that few people on our Top Money Guru [4] poll generates as much emotion as he does. Suze Orman is one of those gurus.

Suze Orman is a very strong television host who uses a lot of “tough love” when it comes to dispensing financial advice. Personally, I think some people respond better to her brand of personal finance and many have gotten themselves back on track because of it. Her style can be abrasive but you can’t smooth a piece of wood unless you use sandpaper, right?

This profile is part of our Top Money Guru poll. For the next two weeks we’ll be highlighting ten personal finance experts for our first ever Top Money Guru poll – you can vote for your favorite guru here [4]. It takes less than a minute and you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Poll ends June 10th.

Her background was as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch and as she progressed she founded her own group and started her own television show on CNBC. Some of the gurus on the list started as journalists, she started as an advisor. She’s written several books (10 in total) and produced several products including credit score kits, will & trust kids, insurance kits, and identity theft protection kits. She has an entire personal finance empire.

More recently, Suze got into it [5] with some personal finance bloggers who didn’t think fondly of her new debit card offer – calling Phil Taylor (ptmoney.com) “an idiot.” (here’s what he said about the card [6]) Many experts in traditional media also considered it a bad deal [7]. It all played out very publicly on Twitter and it was a pretty hot mess.

There’s no doubt she’s helped countless people get their finances on track but chances are she won’t win any prizes from personal finance bloggers! (I suspect the personal finance blogger poll will reflect this!)

Guru Vitals:

You can find her on Twitter @suzeormanshow [8] or through her website SuzeOrman.com [9].

What do you think about Suze Orman?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons [10])