TradeKing $100 New Account Promotion (August 2011)

This promotion has expired.

Long time readers of Bargaineering will recognize TradeKing as one of the brokerage accounts I use. I really like their customer service (their online chat is great) but it was the $4.95 a trade that sucked me in. I don’t do any options trading, that’s another one of their popular offerings, and I use TradeKing for individual stocks (and Vanguard for mutual funds).

This month, they’re running an impressive promotion for new account holders. The details of the promotion are pretty straightforward – new customers who open an account between August 1st and August 31st, 2011 will receive a $100 bonus if they fund with $2500 and make three trades. There is no promotion code but you have to use the above link (in the banner) when you sign up. It’s a special promotion that may or may not be extended but it does represent one of the richest bonuses out there. The best part about this, and I’m surprised they’re doing this, is that the $150 transfer fee reimbursement offer is also available with this $100 promotion.

Get your $100 new account signing bonus from TradeKing today!

If you were waiting for a promotion to start with TradeKing, it probably won’t get much better than this (especially if you’re looking to move from another brokerage account!) for a while. I’ll take cold hard cash over “a bazillion free trades” any day.

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Should You Chase Bank Promotions?

Benjamins!As the economy recovers and banks are taken off life support, in the good way, financial institutions are becoming more aggressive with their promotional offers. The days of toasters and coffee mugs are long gone. The big banks are offering a Benjamin for new accounts. Sometimes two, if you’re happy jumping through their hoops.

What does the prototypical bank promotion look like? The bank wants to get new accounts and it wants those new accounts to stick. The typical bank promotion will require a minimum balance, a scheduled direct deposit each month, and that you keep the account open for at least a hundred days. A few banks will deviate from this prototype a little, perhaps adding in a bill payment or two or debit card activity, but they all follow this pattern.

Is it worth trying to sign up for a bunch of these?

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Bank of the West $100 Checking Promotion

Bank of the WEst $100 PromotionBank of the West is offering a $100 promotion for new personal checking accounts opened between February 14th, 2011 and March 25th, 2011. You must deposit at least $100 and set up a monthly direct deposit of at least $250 each (you can’t do two deposits that sum up to more than $250, it must be one), with the first deposit coming within 60 days. If you don’t want to setup a direct deposit, you have to make 10 bill payments of at least $25 each to a third party business using Bank of the West Online Banking.

You can apply for the promotion here and their Free Checking is eligible. Free checking has no monthly service charge, no minimum balance (though there is a $100 minimum opening balance, which matches the requirements of this promotion), and free online banking and billpay.

You can find branches in AZ, CA, CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI and WY; but you can also apply online as well.

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$100 TradeKing Refer a Friend Promotion

$100 TradeKing Refer a Friend PromotionThis offer has been extended through April 14th!

TradeKing just sent out an email in which they’re offering $200 if you refer a friend to TradeKing – you get $100 and your friend get $100. This is twice what they used to do whenever they’d have refer a friend promotion like National Friendship Day and $100 is a good amount of money. The typical stock trade at TradeKing is only $4.95 so this represents twenty free trades, in the form of cash. While twenty doesn’t sound as sexy as a hundred free trades that some other brokers offer, this is 20 free trades in cash and you shouldn’t feel compelled to use them.

You need to have a current TradeKing customer (you can email me if you don’t know anyone) send a referral from within TradeKing’s referral form. Then, the new customer has to open a new account and deposit $1,000 within 30 days and make a trade within 180 days. Then, they must keep the funds in the account for at least 180 days. A stock trade cost $4.95 so this is really a $90.10 promotion ($100 minus $4.95 times 2) for the friend.

Offer expires April 14th, 2011.

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$100 PNC Checking Account Promotion (February 2011)

My very first bank account was at a local credit union on Long Island, where I was a joint account holder with my Mom. My second bank account was at a PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, where a branch was only a few blocks away from where I was living. Back then, I opened an account for free because free student checking accounts were all the rage (maybe I got a t-shirt or a frisbee or something silly). Nowadays, if you have the cash and a direct deposit (read: job), you can get more than a t-shirt or a frisbee. You can get a hundred bucks.

From now until the end of February 2011, open a PNC Personal Checking Account, setup a direct deposit of at least $400 each month, and make 10 check card purchases within 60 days of account opening. $100 is deposited within 60 days of completing the requirements.

Their Free Checking Account has no minimum balance requirement, no monthly service charge, and they reimburse you for ATM fees at non-PNC ATMs if you have an average $2,000 monthly balance. You can find out more on their promotion page.

You can apply online but you must be a resident of DC, DE, FL, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NJ, OH, PA, VA and WI. Expires February 28th, 2011 but could be extended.

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Flagstar Direct $100 Bonus

Flagstar Direct is offering a $100 bonus for new Express Checking accountholders who establish a direct deposit of at least $250 within the first four months of opening their account. Their Express Checking account offers a four-month bonus APY of 1.50% followed by a rate that makes the first year blended APY 1.06%, which is pretty good for a checking account. In addition to a decent rate and the $100 bonus, there are no monthly maintenance fees, free checks for life, and free identity theft protection.

Let us put your money to work for you with our four-month, 1.50% bonus rate, no service fees and no minimum balance. Flagstar’s Express Internet checking account is tailor-made for you to achieve your financial goals. Plus, receive an additional $100 for establishing direct deposit within the first four months! One promotional account per household.

It’s a decent deal, if you don’t mind setting up a direct deposit, and a nice way to score a hundred bucks.

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Chase Checking $100 Cash Bonus Coupon

ChaseChase has been offering $100 bonuses for new checking accounts every month like clockwork. If you need a Chase checking account, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of free money. A bank deal doesn’t get any easier than this one!

As usual, the requirements for this offer are the same – open a Chase checking account with at least $100 of new money and setup a direct deposit or make 5 debit purchases within 60 days. Most banks will usually require you to do both (setup direct deposit and make 5 debit purchases) in order to receive a bonus but Chase doesn’t, completing either will be sufficient. The only “negative” about this deal is that you must open an account at a branch.
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E*Trade 500 Free Trades Offer

E*TradeSome brokers offer you free cash to transfer your brokerage to them, E*Trade is just offering up 500 free trades. You can see the offer on this page, where they explain you can trade free for 60 days if you open a new Power E*Trade Account with at least $2,000. The offer is for 500 free trades in stock or options trades made within the first 60 days of the funds clearing and accounts must be funded within 60 days of account opening. Afterwards, you pay regular commissions.

How valuable are 500 trades? Well if you use them all, the rate is $9.99 for the first 149, then $7.99 for the rest for a grand total of $4,293 saved. If you make 500 trades in 60 days, this is a screaming hot deal. If you don’t, as I suspect most people don’t, this offer is only as good as often as you think you’ll use it.

Some more specifics:
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