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20 Easy Money Making Ideas

Last year I wrote a very well-received post listing 100 money saving tips for the holidays that has helped quite a few people. However, you can only do so much with saving. What if you’ve cut back as much as you possible can? You need to start looking at the income side of the equation.

It’s like losing weight, you either eat less or exercise more. If you’re down to bread and water, it really doesn’t help to read another article about how eating celery can help you lose weight. At some point, you need to start reading about working out. Let this be your article on working out your wallet and bringing in a few extra dollars.

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 Personal Finance 

You Are A Business, Act Like One!

Open Neon SignYou are a business and you should be thinking like a business. The idea that you’re a business isn’t new in the world of ideas. It, however, may be new to you and has the potential to change your approach towards life if you take it to heart.

Lesson 1: Accept that you are a business. You are a business because you are selling your time (and with it your skills, experiences, and opinions) and in return a company is paying you a wage. Whether you’re freelance or on payroll, you are still selling your time (it’s just clearer when you’re a freelancer). If you had all the money in the world and didn’t need to sell your time, what would you be doing instead? You’d probably be playing with your kids, or playing with your pet, or traveling the world, or pursuing any number of hobbies – other than working. You work because you want to earn money. You might enjoy the work more because it’s in line with what you see as your greater purpose in life but ultimately you work for the money and not something nobler (there’s nothing wrong with that).

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Don’t Do Drug Tests For Money

When you’re college and without a steady income, you’re always on the lookout for a little extra income. I know I participated in maybe a fifty psychology experiments in the course of four years at CMU and was paid a pretty easy $5 or $10 per session (of about 45 minutes each). Psychology experiments were grade school type stuff, it’s when you submitted yourself to medical and drug tests that you could “make” some big money.

My advice? Don’t ever ever every participate in a clinical drug test for money. Ever.

Why? Read this (it’s a horror story, please be warned).

They were the first people in the world to test the drug, being developed by the German pharmaceutical firm, TeGenero, and designed to treat chronic inflammatory conditions and leukaemia. They were paid £2,000 each.

Of a test group of eight, six are now battling for their lives. (£2,000 is about $3,512.33 USD)

Raste Khan, 23, a television technician, said: “The test ward turned into hell minutes after we were injected. The men went down like dominoes.

I can understand participating in a drug trial if it’s curing a serious condition you’re suffering from and no current remedy exists, it’s a wholly different thing to take an untested drug for money.

It could also deal a hammer blow to the drug-testing industry, which often relies on hard-up students volunteering as guinea pigs. (emphasis mine)

Don’t do it. It’s a sad story and I hope that those six young men make a full recovery.

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