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I’ve been trying to think of ways registered readers could be awarded more Bargaineering Bucks since right now the two main ways are to comment (1BB each) and log in each day (1BB a day). When I think of these ways, I am eager to tell you guys and Jeremy at suggested that I just setup another newsletter just for Bonus Bucks opportunities. Brilliant!

If you’re a registered user, you probably received a few emails from me today. I’m sorry about that. First, I tried using some WordPress plugin to send an email to users. Then I pulled the emails from the database and tried to email you from my GMail account. It failed about halfway in both cases and so I had to find a third solution… which was an email newsletter. Hopefully this one will do the trick!

If you’re interested in receiving Bonus Bucks offers, simply sign up for this email newsletter and you’ll get them sent directly to you.


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Bargaineering Store Technical Issues

To everyone who has been bidding on the Bargaineering Store auctions, there has been a technical glitch this morning. It’s powered by an auction WordPress plugin that I edited, to use Bargaineering Bucks, and apparently when you deactivate the plugin, it deletes every auction and every bid in the entire database. I have NO idea why someone would design the application that way (you gain no benefit by completely purging the database!) but unfortunately I lost all new auctions and all bids since Saturday. I normally back up the database every single night but the recent WordPress upgrade disabled my daily upgrades… so the end result is a perfect storm where all bids and auction activity since Saturday was lost.

All restored auctions will be honored as they are but anything not restored will not, unfortunately. (I don’t delete completed auctions so all completed auctions have been restored)

Thank you for understanding and hopefully we don’t run into any more problems.

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Are You Earning Your Bargaineering Bucks?

Bargaineering Bucks!Are you taking advantage of the only loyalty rewards program in the personal finance blogging world?

The Bargaineering Bucks system rewards you for doing things on the site such as visiting daily and commenting on posts. Over seven hundred readers have signed up and earned over 26,733 “Bargaineering Bucks” that you’ve spent in the Bargaineering Store for wonderful prizes such as ING Direct promotional referrals, popular personal finance books, USB thumb drives, copies of Quicken, and so many more wonderfully awesome prizes.

Earning a buck for logging in is a new way to earn points, made live earlier today. If you thought you were missing out before, don’t worry! We’ve been testing the feature and wanted to make sure we got it right before rolling out.

You can earn bucks just by registering for the site and doing what you do already. Right now the two easiest ways to earn points require no extra effort. For every day you visit, you earn a buck. For every comment you leave, you earn a buck. You just have to make sure you’re logged in or the systems won’t know who to award the buck to.

Finally, sign up for the Bonus Bucks newsletter because if there are special offers, I send an email out to that newsletter first.

Is this worth the extra hassle? Yes!

Reader daemondust only recently discovered the site and has been commenting furiously, racking up 157 ββ that he’s put towards about ten ING Direct referrals in the Bargaineering Store. If you have an ING Direct account with some referrals left, then you know each referral is worth $10 to you. Daemondust has already made $100 by participating in the site and doing nothing extra, he just makes sure he’s logged in before he comments!

So the question I ask you is … are you earning your Bargaineering Bucks?

(Photo: sokwanele)

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Bargaineering Bucks Store Open For Business!

Thank you to the over three-hundred members of Bargaineering community who signed up as users of the site! I’m happy to introduce The Bargaineering Bucks Store, the only place you can turn those hard earned Bargaineering Bucks into “stuff.” Some of you may have seen already seen it because I put a link up earlier this week. You can find it in the yellow “control panel” to the right (if you’re logged in), it’s labeled BB Store.

The Bargaineering Bucks Store operates on an auction system where you all can bid against one another for products. I’ve always said I’m a free market kind of guy and the Bargaineering Bucks Store reflects that, everything is an auction and anyone can win. Shipping is free to US residents but if you are an international reader, unfortunately you will have to cover shipping (we can work something out).

If there are any bugs or kinks in the system, please let me know… and happy bidding!

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Become a Bargaineering Member!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a slight change to the top of the screen, there’s a little login screen! That’s right, you will now be able to register an account at Bargaineering for free (like everything else on Bargaineering!). Why would you want to register an account? There are several reasons. We will begin rolling out a few new features that will be available only to registered users. I can’t say what they are yet but it’ll be some fun little things that I think you’ll all enjoy.

Next, you get the opportunity to earn Bargaineering Bucks (ββ) that you can turn into extra entries into contests, Bargaineering schwag, ING referrals, and other fun things. You can learn more about Bargaineering Bucks here.

As you read about Bargaineering Bucks, you’ll notice you earn ββ for doing things on the site like commenting, registering for the newsletter, etc. I know many of you have already done this so please email me to let me know so I can properly credit your account. You’ll have to act fast because after June 14th, we will not be crediting you for actions you’ve taken in the past. I want to give you credit for everything you have done so please act quickly.

You will also get more reading space. You may not notice this but on the homepage there are no advertisements on the left hand side. On individual articles, there are advertisements on the left hand side. When you register and log in, you won’t see those left hand advertisements ever. You’ll get more screen real estate to read the articles of Bargaineering contributors and less space wasted on advertisements you don’t care about!

Finally, you can get bragging rights! We list all the users and their stash of Bargaineering cash at the Bargaineering Bucks Leaderboard! (be sure to fill out your profile because we’ll use it to share some information about you on the leaderboard!)

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