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BVC #16: Introduction to Envelope Budgeting [VIDEO]

Here’s a little video discussing the ins and outs of envelope budgeting, how it’s done (at a basic level), why you might want to consider it, and my thoughts on its effectiveness. I’m by no means an expert on envelope budgeting, but I do understand the basics, so I invite those of you who do use this on a regular basis to chime in with your thoughts!

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BVC #15: Repair or Replace Rule of Thumb [VIDEO]

Don’t you hate it when something breaks before it’s “supposed” to? You spent hours researching the best product for the job, the one with the best features, the longest life, and it has the nerve to break down before it’s supposed to? Well, it happens to us all and the hardest decision to make is whether it’s worth fixing or whether you should just pitch it.

What’s the rule of thumb you usually use in determining whether you should repair or replace something that’s broken before its expected “useful” life?

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BVC #14: Net Worth Isn’t About Money [VIDEO]

This latest video features some intro music (yay! probably won’t keep it for too long but I wanted to experiment a little with it) and a discussion on net worth. I briefly discuss how I calculate our net worth, how often we track it, and the true value in doing the exercise. As you probably expected, based on the title, the value isn’t in the number you get.

Please let me know what you think! (especially about the music and if you have any alternatives, podcast safe please, you think would work well)

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BVC #13: Financial Snatchfile [VIDEO]

I talked about how long we were keeping financial documents in the last Bargaineering VideoCast and in it I alluded to this video, which I recorded immediately afterwards. This video is about our financial snatchfile, a red accordion file folder that contains all of our important documents. The video didn’t do a good job of showing the accordion file folder itself so I wanted to take a photograph, which are included after the video.

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BVC #12 – Keeping Financial Documents [VIDEO]

In this latest video I take a step away from the whiteboard and talk about something my wife and I did over the weekend, we consolidated our financial and personal documents. We’ve been married for about a year and a half but never went through the process of consolidating all of our important documents. In this video, I talk about how we did some hardcore spring cleaning and how long you should be keeping financial documents.

As always, everyone has slightly different opinions and one opinion I respect is that of Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner in Illinois. Just a few short weeks ago he wrote about how long you should be keeping financial documents so please read his advice as well.

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BVC #11 – Drawing Your Cashflowchart [VIDEO]

I’m so glad that my video on financial network maps was so well received that I thought I’d share another one of the charts we use in our financial planning. It’s not a very complex idea and if you have five minutes you can hear me explain it on the whiteboard.

If this video looks familiar to you, it’s because I emailed all the newsletter subscribers an early release of the video. If you want to get to see the videos earlier than everyone else, consider subscribing to the newsletter! (You also get a copy of my eBook, 100 Easy Ways to Save Money!)


Again, like the financial network map, you get to decide what you want to put on this chart and how you want to put it on the chart. There’s no “right” answer, just the answer that’s right for you.

What are your thoughts on this chart?

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BVC #10 – Psychological Money Games [VIDEO]

If there’s nothing else you learn about personal finance, remember that it’s more about psychology than it is about numbers. You don’t go over your credit limit because you don’t know how to add, you go over because you either don’t know you’re that close or you don’t care. You don’t go into debt because you weren’t capable of doing the math that showed that you were spending more than you earned. In the end, it’s mostly psychology and I talk about some different “games” or tricks you can use to help you be more responsible.

I added three markers in the video for the points where I talk about Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball, the 100 Boxes, and the Zero Spend Days. It’ll help if you want to skip certain parts.

Finally, my apologies for sounding all stuffed up, the allergy season is in full force in Maryland and the Loratadine I’ve been taking doesn’t seem to be cutting it.


BVC #9 – Last Minute Tax Tip (Roth IRA) [VIDEO]

It’s April 15th, it’s getting late, and chances are you’re done with your taxes or getting ready to send it in. Here’s the best last minute tax tip you could possible get and you have until midnight tonight to get it done.

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