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BlockbusterBlockbuster has had a rough few years. First, Netflix was and still is eating their lunch on mail-order DVD rental. Then Redbox swooped in and started crushing their in-store business by renting movies for $1 a day, sticking their kiosks everywhere.

June 17th, 2005, shares of Blockbuster (BBI) traded at around $10 a share. Today they’re trading at 28 cents and the market cap is barely above $61 million. Netflix (NFLX), on the other hand, traded at just under $17 a share five years ago and sits pretty at around $124 today with a market cap of $6.51 billion.

How far the mighty have fallen!
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Skip Blockbuster, Netflix, Rent New Movies With Red Box

Now, what trumps any of those three options is your local public library but usually the selection is limited to older movies (not the new releases) because that’s usually free (tax dollar supported, but incrementally free) and free is better than paying. But, barring an awesome library system where you get the newest releases…

Many of my friends have a Netflix account and there have been weeks we’re I’ve gone over their houses and the stacks of Netflix movies haven’t even been moved, let alone been watched. That’s the main knock against services like Blockbuster Online and Netflix, if you’re busy and don’t watch movies, then why pay $20 a month to basically hold onto the few movies that you do watch?

That’s me. I know that if I ever signed up for one of those services, and I’ve used their trials, I’d be just like my friends with stacks of movies that might get watched within a week or two of receiving them. Maybe. Do I really want to pay Netflix $4.99 to be able to hold onto one movie a month and borrow a maximum of 2 a month (that’s their latest promotion)? Of course not… not when I can hit up a Red Box vending machine, likely with a Red Box free day movie rental coupon code, and get the movie the day that I want to watch it. If I don’t have a code, it’s a whole dollar!

The only negative is that selection will vary (thought you can check online at so sometimes if you want a particular movie, you might not be able to get it but that’s hardly a huge price to pay to watch a movie for a buck.


Does Netflix Save You Money?

Whether you use Netflix, Blockbuster Online, Peerflix, or any of the other multitude of online DVD rental services you should asking yourself if you are really saving any money. Geektronica is sharing an excel spreadsheet he’s created to help figure out whether he’s actually saved any money by using Netflix (he claims he’s saving $6.89/mo. given a couple caveats). I don’t use Netflix because I don’t rent any movies (I prefer to be gouged by the theater) but if you’re interested it’s a simple little spreadsheet.

Caitlin from Clutter2Cash also did a similar analysis.

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Making Sense of Mail-Order DVD Services

I originally wrote this at the beginning of February 2005 and this is a semi-major update to the original, please let me know if I messed things up or if you have your own opinions you’d like to share.

First, Netflix burst on the scene with a totally different business plan – let folks borrow movies via mail and keep them as long as they want. You charge a monthly fee based on how many DVDs they want at a time and you pay the shipping each way for the disc. Sounds horrible! Mail is so slow! But people bought into it and slowly, as distribution sites increased in number… bam! DVDs come in a couple days instead of a week. Gone are the complaints of slow mail-times and in come the competitors. I’ve personally used Netflix and I think it’s a great service with quick turnaround times and a huge inventory of movies.

But let’s compare the Big Three Two (Walmart cancelled their program and now offer Netflix) players in mail-order DVD rentals… Netflix vs. Blockbuster vs. Walmart.

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