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Five Gas Saving Myths

Gas StationWith global turmoil continuing to threaten higher gas prices — especially with the summer driving season just around the corner — it is little surprise that many people are looking for ways to save money on gas.

Indeed, as gas moves toward the $4.00 per gallon level that many think is inevitable, increasing fuel economy becomes even more important. We want to be able get the most for our gas station dollar. It is tempting to believe that you can do a few simple things and then find yourself raking in the savings. The truth, though, is that some “conventional” wisdom about saving money on gas is outdated. Or even downright false. Here are five gas saving tips that probably won’t do much in terms of saving you money at the pump:

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Skip Fuel Saving Gimmicks, Alter Your Driving

Consumer Reports loves to find gas saving gadgets and gizmos, put them through the ringer, and report, almost never surprisingly, that it fails to increase miles per gallon fuel efficiency of a car. Then, add a little humor from the fine folks at The Consumerist and you have a thoroughly entertaining post about how there’s no possible way a particular gadget could’ve saved you gas.

Their latest target is the Fuel Doctor FD-47 and right off the start it’s obvious this thing can’t work. But, as P.T. Barnum once celebrated, there’s a sucker born every minute.

It’s almost comedic. OK wait, it is comedic.

If you want to actually save gasoline, learn how to drive more efficiently with some tips from hypermilers.

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