comments iPod Promotion (Part 2) – iPod Arrives

I received an email notification from DHL two days ago that my iPod Shuffle was on its way and today, I saw a package eagerly waiting me to rip open when I returned home from work. My shiny new iPod in it’s shiny new green packaging was ready for me to tear apart and enjoy. My account was approved for trading on 4/5/05, when I executed my first trade, and thirteen days later, a new iPod Shuffle sits in my hands. On 10/5/05, I’ll be giving them a call to get my $500 back. All told, it’s a $99 return on a $500 investment for 6 months.

comments iPod Promotion (Part 1a)

In a previous post, I talked about giving that iPod Shuffle promotion a try. I missed out on the previous promo of $100, 1 trade, and run away with a free iPod; so I had to go with the $500, 1 trade, and lots of waiting. I sold my single share of AAPL, netting 91 cents after the 80 cent purchase commission, and I received a response from them about my iPod: 4 weeks. When I get it, I’ll take a picture of my spoils and wait for about 5 months (or 6 months plus April 10th). 🙂

comments iPod Promotion (Part 1)

I read about a iPod promotion the other day and tried it out. Basically you must open an account, fund it with $500, execute one trade, and hold the funds in that account for 6 months and you’ll get an iPod Shuffle in 2-4 weeks (if you withdraw any of it, you pay a $125 charge). Yesterday, I decided I was going to do it since this deal expires April 8th.

The first step is to fill out the application form that took a mere ten minutes. Then, you wait for an email with a link you need to click in order to verify your email address. The email took a little while to get sent out, but I didn’t check my email until like 10pm last night. After that, I logged on and deposited $500 via ACH. What’s funny is that the $500 appears instantly but I still wasn’t authorized to trade yet until this morning. I logged on this morning before work and I was authorized to trade! I bought 1 share of AAPL (of course! I’m getting an iPod!) at the cost of 80 cents (commission). Now I’ll just wait six months and withdraw, running away with my new shiny iPod Shuffle in hand! I’m not sure how the iPod’s value will be reported and there’s no mention on the site from what I could find in my ten minute search… but whatever, it’s still “free”. 🙂

If you value the iPod at $99, it’s a 19.8% return over 6 months; good enough value for me!

If you don’t have $500 to stick here for six months, you can always try the $100 option. Through a referral (from me or any ex24 user), you can earn $24 for depositing $100. There aren’t any mentions of how long it needs to be deposited in the account in the details and disclaimers but I wouldn’t surprised if there was a 6 month requirement (that’d a 24% return over 6 months). In turn, the referrer would also get $24. Leave a comment if you’d like a referral.

The only concern I have about the whole thing is that I didn’t use the link but instead put the ipodrp promotion code into the promo code box on the application (it will be prefilled in if you use the link above), so I shot them an email to verify. I’ll post updates whenever something exciting happens (like the arrival of a free iPod) or whenever they get back to me.

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